How to Create a Stylish Interior Design with Little Effort

It could be your dream interior, but making it come to life is not always easy. Interior design planning may consume even more time than interior decorating itself if you have not hired the best interior designers in Bangalore. But what if you don’t have enough money to hire one? Or what if you simply want your home interior done stylishly without breaking the bank? We have some interior design ideas for you!

Minimalistic interior design is currently trending. If you are not familiar with this interior style, it is characterized by uninterrupted lines and surfaces in neutral colors that disguise imperfections, every piece of furniture has only one function, there are no knickknacks or decorative items on shelves, etc.

Even if your house interior isn’t that spacious, minimalistic interior allows making the most out of what you’ve got without overcrowding your home with unused items.

The best way to introduce minimalistic interior style to your house is to start small – swap heavy curtains for light ones made from linen or cotton blend, add a few new rugs in neutral tones to brighten up dark spaces.

If you like interior designs that are not as austere as the minimalistic interior, you can still adopt its simplicity and open space concept. All you need to do is limit colors to three: white, grey, and black.

The last color should be used for plants and decorative items such as vases or candle holders, while white and gray should dominate the interior decorating: walls, floors, furniture, etc. You can also use wooden pendant lights or other accessories in natural tones (e.g., light brown) to enliven your interior design with warm accents without overloading it with too many colors.

One concern of those who choose a modern interior style is that their house interior may look glaringly bright or even cold. To avoid this, you can break the interior design scheme with occasional oriental elements. For example, you can use Indian or Moroccan fabric for window dressings to create a unique interior design that would be equally stylish but different from what many others have in their homes.

You don’t need to change your interior decoration every year to keep up with interior trends. You only need to shift certain interior decorating details if you want your home interior to look updated and fashionable. For example, instead of buying new furniture pieces that would fit into your interior design perfectly, just update old ones with colorful cushions or throw pillows. Swap heavy curtains for light-colored linen drapes as we’ve mentioned above and add some plants indoors (e.g., bamboo, palm, or spider plant) to enliven your interior design.

If you don’t like interior designs that are too open and bright, you should opt for dark colors (e.g., brown, charcoal gray) in your interior decorating concept. The dark interior is considered more intimate than the white interior and it can make both small and large spaces look stylish without looking cold or gloomy.

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You could paint the walls in dark tones, but if this scares you away (after all, painting the whole wall can take a lot of time), start with accessories: old furniture pieces (or new ones if they are painted in dark color already), rugs, etc. Once you get used to the idea of an interior design primarily made up of dark tones, you could proceed to paint interior walls.


Regardless of the interior design style that you choose, interior decorating is a process that requires time and patience. If you want your interior to look stylish without too much effort, try to find interior design ideas online or get inspired by photos of interior designs from magazines.

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