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Guest post, as everyone knows guest post is done by most people to get backlinks It is not necessary that guest post is done only for SEO purposes. There are many such websites in the world that also give good money for writing posts. If we talk about the benefits of the Guest posts, then this is one such activity of SEO that is considered to be the most effective for ranking the website.

If you want to publish the guest post on our website to rank your website then you have to accept certain terms and conditions. Below we are telling you some terms and conditions which will be applicable to every user who will publish the guest posts on this website.

If any user will not read these terms and conditions and keep publishing the post and then later If he has any problem with our terms and conditions. Then he comes and says that I was not knowing these rules or I do not accept these T&C. Then that user himself will be responsible for that situation. We will not responsible for anything if something happens like this with any user. One more thing, we are free to make any changes in our terms and conditions at any time.

We can make any changes to these Terms and Conditions for guests posting at any time without giving any advance notice. That’s why we request every user to read our terms and conditions once again before publishing any new post so that if there is any change then the user will get information about it. If the user does not do this, then if there is any problem later, then we will not be responsible for that. Please read the below-given terms and conditions carefully.

User Verification

If any user wants to do guest posting on our website, then he/she must first register on our website. They will get a verification mail on the same email ID which they use while registering, in which a link will be given. They will have to verify the email by clicking on that link. After verification, they will see a dashboard to make the password. After creating the password, they have to login. Now after login, the user is allowed to write the new posts. If you don’t understand the process of register/login/post. You should watch this (Instant Approval Guest Post Site) video, which will make it easy for you to understand the process of register/login/post.

Paid Guest Post

CategoryLink TypeNo. of LinksWord LimitsGoogle IndexableChargesTAT
GeneralDo-Follow1500Yes$5UpTo 2 Days
GeneralDo-Follow21000Yes$10UpTo 2 Days
GeneralDo-Follow31500Yes$15UpTo 2 Days
GeneralDo-Follow42000Yes$20UpTo 2 Days
GeneralDo-Follow52500Yes$25UpTo 2 Days
CBDDo-Follow11000Yes$30UpTo 2 Days
GamingDo-Follow11000Yes$30UpTo 2 Days
GamblingDo-Follow11000Yes$30UpTo 2 Days
MarijuanaDo-Follow11000Yes$30UpTo 2 Days

Note: Prices are non-negotiable, so don’t waste your time in negotiations.

Word Limit

User content should be minimum of 350 words. In 350 words, the user does not have to count titles or subtitles. The content should be minimum of 350 words excluding title and subtitles.

Categories/Content Type

Users can publish content related to business, health, technology, mobile, software, computer, and many other categories on this website. If we find any pornography, spamming, or any uncomfortable content in any user post. We will not publish that user’s content on the website and will block the user immediately without giving any warning or advance information.


On every 350 words, we give an opportunity to the user to add an external link. A user is allowed to provide a maximum of two external links in a single post. Meaning if there is a content of 700 words then 2 external links will be allowed and, If there are more than 700 words even then only 2 external links will be allowed. Whatever backlinks the user will get from our post, it can be both dofollow or nofollow.

If the external website has a spam score of 5% or less then it will get a dofollow link, if the spam score is more than 5% then it will get nofollow link. We are not giving a 100% guarantee that we will definitely give the nofollow or dofollow link. It totally depends on us that what we want to give or what we don’t want to give.

Currently Not Indexed

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Content Approval

If your submitted content/post is showing pending for approval then please wait. Because we usually approve the post within 24 hours. In such a situation, if your post is still pending then wait for some time or you can contact us if you want.

Content Purity

The content should be fresh and unique. If we found a copy or plagiarized content in any user’s post, it will not be published. User’s content should be 100% plagiarism-free and unused.

Content Ownership

Any user who will submit their content on this website whether it is in under approval or draft or in Pending. Once the content is uploaded/posted/live on the website, Then will be the owner of that content. This means that the user has no rights to publish/post that content again on any other website. If any user is caught doing this, then we will block that user immediately.

Right To Change

Whatever content the user will post on our this website. We can make any changes in that at any time before publishing or after publishing that. It is not necessary that 100% of the content that the user gives us will be published and we are not obstructed to make changes as per our wish.


If any user does guest posting on this website, then that user will have to accept the terms and conditions given above. If any user has any problem or obstacle with our terms and conditions then they can contact us. Any user who makes guest posting on this website, we will consider them as a user who agreed to our terms and conditions and give their full consent. If any user has any problem with our terms and conditions, then he is not obstructed to post. They can leave this website without any interruption. You can read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy to know more about our T&C and Privacy Policy.

FactsTea.Com thanks you for showing interest in guest posting on this website!

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