Privacy Policy

Your own information and privacy are very crucial to us.

The information we will collect while operating this website of ours. This is some very important information on our website to respect the privacy of the same information. Which you must read and understand before operating our website.

This privacy policy is applied to

We fully respect your privacy and your information and we are fully committed to protecting your personally identifiable information.  Which you can give us through our website.

We have adopted this privacy policy to tell what information can be collected on our website.

How can we use your information and under which circumstances we can give your information to third communities? We have given you all this information. We have given you complete information about this below.

Our complete privacy policy applies only to the information that we collect through this website. And this policy is not applicable to any other sources nor do we have anything to do with them.

Depending on your activities when visiting our Website, you may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions.

Site Guests

Like the operators of other websites, FactsTea dot com collects non-personally identifiable information that servers and web browsers normally give. Such as the browser type, referring site, alluding location, language preference, and the date and time of each guest ask.

The FactsTea collects the data to understand the user experience and it may help to improve the user experience also.

FactsTea may release non-personally-identifying information. Like- By distributing a report on patterns within the utilization of the site.

This website collects the data of users like IP Address When a user is making any comment on posts or trying to contact or any other type of active activity.

Collecting Personal Information

The types of information which FactsTea collects depend upon user activity.

Like When a user is commenting on a post or posting any article/content on this website as guest post or contacting via contact page.

Then the website can collect the name, email, IP address, and some more data of the user.

Security of your Data with Us

Yes, the Security of your information/data is really very important to us. But we want to clear one thing, Over the internet, nothing is 100% secure.

We have the resources to protect your data but we could not give a 100% guaranty for your data protection.

Information About Ads

Yes, users may see the advertisements on this website. Which may be delivered to users by advertising agencies. Who may set cookies for ads?

These cookies permit the advertisements server to recognize your computer, Mobile, Tablet, or device each time. They may send an online advertisement on your device to compile your information or to those users who use your device.

This information allows the advertisement agencies to deliver targeted ads. They believe you will be more interested in those advertisements.

This Privacy Policy covers only the use of cookies by Factstea, Not the use of cookies by any type of advertisers/promoters.

Contain External Links

This website may contain many external links that are not of ours. We can not control that website. If you will click on that site then you will move to the third-party sites.

So, please read the terms and conditions and privacy policy of those sites before visiting those sites. If you face any type of problem-related to those external websites. Then we will not be responsible for that ever.

Google Ads

FactsTea.Com may use the advertising and remarketing service to show the ads on third-party sites (Including Google) to old and new visitors of this website.

It may also refer to the advertisement where we can show the advertisements to our older visitors. Who has already visited this site and don’t completed every single task? Like commenting on posts or etc.

It can appear in the form of promotions/advertisements on Google SERP (Search engine Result Page) or Google Display Network.

Do not worry. The uses of the collected data will be in pursuance of our privacy policy and Google Privacy Policy.

You can use the google ad preference page to set the preferences for how Google advertises to you.

If you want then You can select the advertisement of your choice through cookies settings.


To make perfect and enrich your online experience, FactsTea uses cookies and similar technology and services provided by others to display personalized substances, Fitting Promotions, and store your preferences on your device.

When a user visits a website on his device, the web browser that stores the data is the same data cookie.

This website uses cookies to identify and track its user.

If any user doesn’t want cookies services then they can easily deny the permission when FactsTea asks them to allow cookies but this step can affect your browsing experience on this site because there are some features that may not run properly without cookies.

After operating our site without changing your cookie settings, it will be considered as your consent regarding cookies.

Personal identifying information security

We may possibly share personal identifying information with only those employees and contractor and affiliate organizations who have agreed to not publicize the information to any third party.

Some of those affiliate and employees may be from out of your country or location and If you are using this website then it acceptance as you allow to collect them your information

Some of those types of affiliate agencies and employees may be from outside your country or place and if you are using the services of this website. Then it will be considered as your consent to allow those organizations to collect your information.

We will never and will not sell your information to any unknown agency or people Apart from its contractors, employees, and affiliated organizations.

As described above, personal information and personally identifiable information are disclosed only in response to a subpoena court order or other governmental requests.

Or when FactsTea accepts in great confidence that disclosure is reasonably necessary to secure the property or rights of FactsTea and third parties

If you register or comment

We can send you some promotional emails to inform you about our new services or any products of any other agencies.

If you make any query to us through email then we have the right to revert you there.

We take all measures sensibly vital to secure against the unauthorized to get to, utilize, change, or pulverization of possibly personally-identifying and personally-identifying data.


This website may use affiliate links and does make money from few links. This does not influence your buys or the cost you will pay.

Aggregated Figures

FactsTea can collect statistics about the user behavior of its site.

FactsTea can publicize this information to others.

But, FactsTea does not publicize your Personal identifying information.

Changes in Privacy Policy

In spite of the fact that most changes are likely to be minor and FactsTea makes changes in privacy policy timely. So please keep checking this page frequently to know the new changes.

If you are using this website usually after the changes as you were, Then It will be accepted as your acceptance in the changes of the privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries regarding this privacy policy, Terms and Conditions or anything about this website then feel free to contact us. We will be in your touch ASAP.

Privacy Policy Last Update on 30/07/2021