5 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting a Room

It’s a daunting task to take on, painting a room. It can be challenging, time-consuming, and stressful. Picking the right color is probably the hardest part of all! Whether you hire professional interior designers in Bangalore or try to do it yourself, some common mistakes may plague your next paint job. Here are 5 mistakes you need to avoid when painting a room.

1. Buying Cheap Paint

This is a mistake that annoys the professionals because it just wastes time and money in the end. If you hire a professional to paint your home, he has probably provided an estimate on how many gallons of paint are required for each job. If you scrimp on the paint amount by choosing not to buy enough paint or go with the cheapest option at hand, your results will suffer greatly! Even if you can’t see where the lack of coverage is, its effect will be visible once more coats have been applied. Get trusted brand high-quality paint and avoid this common mistake of painting a room.

2. Using Existing Furniture

Moving furniture around, even if you are trying to move it for better access to painting, can cause damage. It’s best not to risk moving any furniture around when painting a room. If you are painting interior walls, avoid using anything other than drop cloths or pieces of cardboard underneath your items. For interior woodwork that is being painted, take care not to sand down the existing surface more than necessary.

3. Assuming That More Coats Equals Better Coverage

Another mistake that plagues homeowners is the idea that just because they have applied numerous coats of paint over one another, this ensures perfection in covering up an old color or pattern on the wall. This is not true at all! Even though you may already feel like you have done enough, you can end up having to open that can of paint back up again and apply yet another coat. It’s best to apply at least two coats of interior paint in different directions, especially if you are not sure how the color will show through your semi-transparent first layer.

4. Not Taking Care When Stirring

One mistake that is made by even experienced interior designers in Bangalore is stirring the paint too much. Remember that the goal is not to create bubbles but to create an even consistency with few or no bubbles at all. Over-stirring causes bubbles, which means less coverage later on after painting a room.

5. Choosing Paint That Isn’t Recommended for Interior Use

Finally, choose interior paint that isn’t recommended for interior use! If you are using interior paint for interior walls, for example for new drywall, keep in mind that it is different than exterior paint and may require more coats to cover the surface completely. Be sure to follow all instructions on the can.


When interior or exterior painting a room, it is important to avoid the mistakes that will cause you problems later on. If you follow these guidelines when painting a room, your paint job will have less chance of failure and turn out better!

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