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First of All, Welcome to FactsTea.  We love to put owr words into words and therefore, I like to do blogging.

Effective Content Data

We mostly put content that enhances your general information on this website. Our content is often about something, place, or something, revealing their qualities or their interesting facts.

We believe in sharing the content with honesty, genuineness, keenness, and the best of the reader’s interest.

We may provide some external or affiliate links of products or of any service. If you purchase the product or buy any service through those links then we may earn some commission from them.

But we try to give only those types of products or services links which are trusted and tested by some experts.

You should know that we did not give any third-party link to make money only. If you get any link like this on this website then you have right to buy from those links or from somewhere else.

Our aim is not to make money from this type of link. Our main aim is to provide you with the best knowledge with the help of these external links.

The information given by us on this site may not be 100% accurate and true but we try to give you the best and helpful information. You have rights and it totally depends upon you that you adopt the information or deny it.

We never give a 100% guarantee for anything on this site and we did not promise to you that all information given by us is totally genuine and accurate. It may be helpful for you.

Know More Before Start

There is much more information about our website and you should know that before operating our site. Please read our Privacy Policy to know more about FactsTea privacy & policy.

Governing  Law

We don’t give any substance which clashes with the interface of the perusers or item or administrations.

User Restriction

If we caught you giving any data on our website to anyone selling or renting, then we are free to take any action on you.

If you want to use any data of our website like image, post, content paragraph, or anything of this website then you can contact us through our contact us page/form. The last decision will be whether you can use it or not and will let you know.

User Termination

If we found anything that you are doing something malicious with our website which is not supported by our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions then we have the right to block you from our website. Because we never accept or endorse this type of activity


We don’t take any charges from anyone to visit our sites or to read the information given on our website.

If someone is asking you for any kind of fee regarding the service of our website Then please let us know and you are free to contact us about this type of problem at any time.

Contact Us

If you have any query regarding our Terms and Conditions or our Services then you can contact us now.

T&C Last Updated on 23/02/2021