You Should Know About Types of Camera Lenses and Their Uses

Today we will talk about types of Camera Lenses and their uses. There was a time when there was no such thing as a phone in this world, people used to send messages to each other through the letter. Then the telephone was invented, then the phase of writing the letter slowly started to end, and then it was over.

After that a few years later the mobile was invented, and as we now see that due to mobile, the use of the telephone has also ended to a great extent. A few years later after the invention of the mobile phone. These phones were converted into smartphones.

As soon as the phone changes to smartphones, a new era has started. Now the smartphone is not just for talking and use for many other important things. Now the smartphone is not just used for talking and is used for many other important things.

For example, to take photos, video calling, to run the internet and how many more are working through their smartphones and also running their own home. You must be wondering why I am talking about this changing era. I am talking about such a rapid change of time because of the topic we are going to discuss today.

Earlier people used to talk only and now how many people do the job with mobile. There was a time when people used to think that just by talking, the phone was invented. Then gradually the same phone was made smart in view of the increasing desire of the people.

Internet facility was given in them, the camera was given and now the desire of people has increased such that people are not happy with a camera in a smartphone. And our today’s topic is to know about these types of camera lens types. Today we will know about these multiple cameras are in mobile, what exactly is their function/ what do they do? and what is their use?

Types of Camera Lenses

Nowadays, most smartphones are such that there are multiple cameras. Like 12Mp, 48MP, 8MP, 64MP, and many more. Meaning you can enjoy the camera of multiple megapixels in a single mobile. Earlier it was not like that there was only one camera in one phone, but now you get multiple cameras of different megapixels in the same phone.

So let’s now know about some such cameras and their lenses, which we often get to see on mobile. Although there are many types of cameras and lenses. Today we will know about some selected camera lenses which are used in most mobiles.

1.Ultra-wide Angle Camera Lens
2.Monochrome Camera Lense
3.Depth Sensor Camera Lens
4.Telephoto Camera Lense
5.Macro Camera Lens
Types of Camera Lenses

Depth Sensor Camera Lens

If seen, most smartphones have a depth sensor of 2 MP and 5 MP. So now the question is what is this depth sensor? what is its use? and, what does it do? I have collected some information about this sensor, hoping you will like it. The function of a depth sensor is to separate the object from the background. Let’s understand in detail. When you take a photo in portrait mode, you must have seen that the background gets blurred. After the background is separated, we see the object clear and good.

Types of Camera Lenses

When we are clicking photos in portrait mode, the camera capture the object and the depth sensor capture the background. Meaning two things work together in portrait mode. First, the main camera, and the second is the phone’s depth sensor. As I told you above, It is the job of a depth sensor to separate objects from the background. When these two work together. We see the object separately and the background separately. Now tell me in the comment, how did you like knowing this information about the depth sensor.

Ultra-Wide Angle Camera Lens

You may have done these things yourself many times, which we are going to tell you now. When you have to take a photo of a big object, then you must have clicked the photo from a little distance so that the object came across your screen. And often this happens when we take a photo of a group of people. But if your phone has an ultra wide-angle camera lens, then you do not need to do this. Because the work of ultra wide-angle is to cover more area.

Types of Camera Lenses

If you want to cover more area in your screen, then you can use the ultra-wide-angle option. This will show you more area on a single screen. When you are getting such a feature, then you do not need to go back and click the photo. You can use an ultra-wide-angle camera lens in such conditions and can easily capture a large object.

Telephoto Camera Lense

I like telephoto the most. When you learn about the telephoto camera lens, you will also get your favorite. Let’s know about telephoto lenses. A telephoto is a powerful camera lens. It is also able to zoom to the object from much distance and give a very clear image and not only that. Do not think that these days it is also in the camera of a normal smartphone. But can the camera of the smartphone zoom even to an object from much distance and give an absolutely clear and high-quality image? No, you have rarely seen such a thing. But this quality is there in the telephoto camera lens.

Types of Camera Lenses

As an example, if I tell you, telephoto is used in the cricket stadium. When the player is playing, he is away because the cameraman does not have permission to go to the field. Not only that, it is not stable even in one place, They keep on running and keeps on shaking/moving. And in such conditions and positions, the cameraman mostly used a telephoto camera lens to click a perfect image. Because the telephoto camera lens is capable of collapsing a high-quality image even by zooming away from a moving object.

Monochrome Camera Lense

The monochrome camera lens is completely different from the main camera lens. The main camera in your phone captures the object with its color but monochrome does not. Yes, the monochrome camera lens does not capture color. Or in a way, it captures black and white images. Do not think that it is only used for capturing black and white images.

Types of Camera Lenses

When you are using monochrome, then the main camera of your phone is also working. Meaning both the main camera and monochrome are working together. When both cameras are working together, the image you click at that time comes as a different amazing and attractive image.

Macro Camera Lens

It tells its merits by its name. As you are getting to see the macro word in its name. As far as I think you would have guessed that it is said to be used. Nevertheless, I can tell you that a macro camera lens was used to click the image of small objects. Like, Insects, Flowers and etc.

Types of Camera Lenses

If you want to capture a good high-quality image of a small object, then you should use a macro camera lens. It will give you a picture like that taken by a great and professional photographer. To know about the Difference Between DSLR, iPhone, And Smartphone Camera Megapixels, you can read our previous post.

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