Best Software to Find Duplicate Videos and Organize Your Video Collection

Do you want to know why your PC is running slow? Are there tons of video files that are slowing down the system? Are you planning to use the tool to find duplicate videos? This blog post about the top 5 best similar video finders will answer all of those kinds of questions and organize Your Video Collection. 

As a general rule, having a lot of duplicate video files on your machine can make it run much slower over time. That’s why the duplicate video finder is the best way to get rid of them. keep reading to learn more about the best software to find duplicate videos.

Top Software to Find Duplicate Videos

Duplicate Files Fixer

The Duplicate Files Fixer scans the hard drives, external disks, and other storage devices for duplicate video files. That’s not all—this tool can help organize your data and get rid of similar files. The software groups all similar files it finds and keeps one copy in each group. You can easily find and delete duplicate videos by using the best tool.


  • Automatically finds duplicate files
  • Check external storage media for copies of files
  • A smart scan algorithm


  • Reasonably cheap and full of features 
  • Ability to work with Google Drive
  • Modern user interface


  • Limited usage in the free version

Cost:  $39.95


To efficiently manage files on the system and search for duplicates, XYplorer is a duplicate file finder. It conducts a thorough search for duplicate video files on the system with the help of this application’s duplication detection capability.


  • It is customizable and quite easy to use
  • Users can better manage, move, and transfer data with its assistance
  • This program can identify duplicate files by comparing them bit by bit


  • You may change fonts, colors, toolbar buttons, file icons, and shortcuts
  • Advanced search, huge folder management, and rapid preview are its characteristics
  • It works and is hard to break, with engineers fixing issues promptly


  • The lifetime license was removed.

Cost: $39.95

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

You can find and delete duplicate videos from your computer by using Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, a top-notch and practical program. For precision and efficiency, it employs the MD5 Engine. This free program makes your work easier, and the greatest thing is that you can set parameters and search for duplicate video files.


  • For duplicate file checks, use different filters and file types
  • It deletes duplicate videos and scans for duplicates in the.exe format
  • It caters to a wide range of customers by being available in several languages


  • Discovers a decent amount of replicas
  • Obtains data using system restore points or backups
  • Sets parameters to disregard files that are too large or too small


  • The toolbar’s Advanced menu is tied to the software

Cost: Free

Easy Duplicate Finder

Compared to similar programs, this one stands out thanks to its many useful features. You can find duplicate files using Easy Duplicate Finders comparison and duplicate file checkers. After that, you can decide what to do with them: delete, rename, or group them.


  • The best function of this program is recovering mistakenly lost files
  • The one-click operation makes this instrument easier to use
  • This utility searches music player lists and other files


  • It’s very simple to use this tool
  • Supports internal & external drives
  • A lot of things are about it


  • Installation of licenses on various computers might be a pain

Cost: $39.95 /pc

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter

Using 4DDiG similar File Deleter, users can quickly get rid of similar video files on Google Drive or external drives with just a few clicks. This tool is popular with Windows and Mac users all over the world because it is very accurate and easy to use. Also, if there are copies in a folder or drive, it can automatically ask you to get rid of them.


  • Remove similar videos, music, pictures, documents
  • Real-time alert for similar files
  • Clean and easy-to-use layout


  • Quick and accurate screening for duplicate files
  • Free up file room to speed up the system
  • Remove copies easily, even on Google Drive


  • The free version only gets rid of the first 15 copies.

Cost: $24.95/mo


Are you doubtful if you can find and get rid of duplicate videos? Don’t worry, we have a good option for you: a duplicate video finder. The list is also available in forms that are both free and subscription-based. Duplicate Files Fixer is our top pick as the best video copy finder out of all the ones we looked at. Furthermore, the program itself uses a robust algorithm to scan and get rid of copies with powerful accuracy. With regular changes, customer service available 24/7, and the ability to work with a variety of storage devices and running systems.

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