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How to ask patients for google reviews The answer is simple!

Keep promoting your practice and remind patients to leave a review on Google. Ask them to share their feedback on a third-party review site like Google.

How to ask patients for google reviews is not so difficult. For example, it takes many visits to see results from using a product or service within your office. Tell the patient how often they should come back before seeing great results. By promoting how your practice works, how to find success with your products, and how you follow through on promises, Google will notice!

Are patients praising your staff members? If a practice has excellent ratings from patients but no reviews, it can be difficult for new potential clients looking at the site. The solution is asking new patients how they found out about this business. If one mentions that they saw positive reviews on Google, ask them how they liked leaving a check for the practice.

Unusually, a patient will refuse to write a review when asked. Suppose you follow up with your patients frequently. In that case, your chances of receiving a great review and having them share their experiences will quadruple.

It’s crucial to understand why Google reviews are so critical before getting into the most successful and creative ways to request a Google review.

What is the purpose of Google Reviews?

Given Google’s dominance in internet search, it’s only natural to make an extra effort to collect evaluations on your practice’s Google My Business page. Google My Business has endured the test of time and is now an essential part of any local SEO plan.

Google reviews can be pretty beneficial to your practice. They may help you improve your web presence and reputation, as well as show that the services you offer are as trustworthy as you claim. Google reviews can assist your medical practice to appear in the local pack besides aiding with the click-through rate. A favorable review signals to search engines that your medical practice is trustworthy, boosting your local SEO score by one notch.


You’ll need to incorporate patient reviews into your doctor review marketing strategy if you want to get them on a large scale. There is always a query in the mind of doctors, how to ask patients for a google review. Please make a list of patients you may ask for favorable feedback from, and maintain in touch with them. Positive Google reviews will begin to flow in, and your practice will be on its way to gaining more patients and cash.

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