How to Solve Google Adsense Low Value Content Problem For Google Adsense Approval?

Google Adsense Low Value Content, This is a problem for which you too have been looking for solutions for many days, but you have not found the solution yet. Perhaps you will have been trying to get rid of this problem for many days, by watching videos on YouTube and reading articles on Google. If your problem still persists with the same AdSense low value content, then it will no longer be there from now on. Because I myself have gone through this problem and my website was disproved about 10 times. When the AdSense team sends us a mail of disapproval, It tells us mostly the same region of disproval, low value content.

We also tried many ways but could not get rid of this problem. Then what did we do that this Adsense low value content problem is over forever. What did we do that within 24 to 36 hours, we got the mail of Google Adsense approval. Let us tell you some points keeping that in mind. You have to analyze your website and remove whatever is missing.

Follow These 9 Steps to Solve Google Adsense Low Value Content Problem

1Non Searchable Content
2Plagiarism Free Content
3Error in Google Search console
4Broken links
5Unwanted Pages
6Unwanted Thin Content in Google SERP
7Indexing Problem
8Traffic From Untrusted Source
9External Link

Non Searchable Content

When you will be posting a blog on your website, you must be thinking that people will read it. But it is not necessary that people should read the content written by you. It is possible that the content you have written is not searched at all. Whenever you go to write on any topic before writing, try to search that topic on Google. Check how many posts are already posted on that topic. Is there a comment on the post which is posted, has the user shown interest in that post, has given any comment or engagement or not.

Often people make this mistake and do not check before writing. Sometimes it happens that there are very few posts on Google on the topic, so people think that this is a better thing. If I write content on this topic, then immediately my post will rank and I will get high traffic. Who knows that the content on that topic is low or that topic does not do any search by users, so there is no content on that topic. So before writing on any topic, you should definitely check its value.

Plagiarism Free Content

Some people think that if 70% of the content is Plagiarism-free, then Google considers it to be good content. There is nothing like this, it is Google’s will, if it wants, then it can give value to 70% Plagiarism-free content, or because of having 30% copy content, It can be ban. So something like this is not 100% guaranteed. Try your best to write 100% Plagiarism-free content. By doing this, Google will consider your content absolutely fresh and you will get a plus point in taking approval of Adsense.

Error in Google Search console

To monetize the website, you should also take special care of the error of the Google Search Console. If you have come across Adsense low value content, then you must have seen an error as “Webmaster quality Guidelines”. This actually means that you go to the search console account of your website and find out the error and fix them. Like whether The website is mobile-friendly or not, how is the speed of the website, is there any error in breadcrumbs or not. If any such problem occurs on your website, then it will be visible to you in the search console. Before putting the website in the request for Adsense approval, you must check all these things once.

adsense Low Value Content

Broken links

Check the whole website to find out the broken link? A broken link means any such link which is entered incorrectly. Check the entire website thoroughly, If there is a broken link, then fix it. This will also help you to get rid out of the problem like low-value content.

Unwanted Pages

You must have created many pages on your website by yourself. Many of them are such pages that Google considers without any need. Google thinks that these pages were created without any need. Let me tell you what is called Google Unwanted Pages. If there are any pages on your website that have not been healed in a long time. Then you either remove that page or change anything on that page and update.

Unwanted Thin Content in Google SERP

Such pages and such content which is coming into the Google Search Engine Result Page without any need. I tell you what Google considered as unwanted/thin content. You must have created categories and tags according to the post in your blog. Sometimes it happens that these tags and categories also appear in Google SERP, which Google does not understand at all.

You can also understand yourself if your post comes in SERP then it will be better for the user or category and tag. Therefore, you should also keep in mind that which type of content is coming in the SERP from your website. If pages with categories or tags are coming, then you can remove them by using the removal tool in the search console.

Indexing Problem

Whatever posts you post, do those posts of yours get indexed. It is not a good thing to just have an index. You should take your website to such status. By which boats of Google keep coming on your website without fetching links in Search Console. You do not have to call Google Boat through URL inspection. Google’s boat should come on your website from time to time. To do this, you should create some high-quality backlinks for your website. If you create 10 high-quality backlinks, then you will get a lot of help in getting out of the problem like Google Adsense low value content.

Traffic From Untrusted Source/Clickbait

Some people say that until the traffic on the website is not good, Adsense approval will not be available. This is just a rumor, It is not necessary. Due to such rumors, some people share their websites on third-party platforms to get high traffic/clickbait. If you make such a mistake, believe me, you will never get approval. Therefore, you should not make this mistake at all.

External Link

Do not promote any brand or any untrusted website on your website at all. If you do this, then Google will feel that you are showing the wrong thing to its users. You tell me, Google is doing everything for the users, now if you will show the wrong thing to their users. Will you ever get AdSense approval? As an example, you should not put porn or any sexual content on your website. You have to take care of all these things too. Otherwise, you may get the message not only of disapproval but directly of website removal.

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Hope you will follow the above-mentioned 9 steps. We are confident that, following the above steps will eliminate your problem of low-value content and you will get Google Adsense approval.

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