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The Easter Egg has been one of the most popular treats for families during the Easter season. Children wait with bated breath as the eggs hatch from spring egg capsules into beautifully decorated chicks ready to eat their Easter eggs.

Chocolate Easter egg mold to produce 150g dark chocolates, at roughly 130mm high, are a perfect addition to any home food storage cabinet.

They make great gifts for adults too, and are the perfect complement to your chocolate collection.

These egg molds can be bought from your local supermarket or from specialist chocolate retailers.

They are a simple and inexpensive way of adding a personal touch to Easter celebrations, especially if you are making them as gifts for someone else.

A well-made chocolate egg mold can also impress your friends, family members or colleagues – if you don’t want to use your own Easter egg mold, then there are many other types of Easter egg molds to choose from including; baby egg, gel egg, fanny egg and plain chocolate moulds to name but a few.

Easter Egg
H-47 Big Easter Egg

PVC Easter egg chocolate moulds offer various advantages over the more traditional moulds, making them ideal for professional chocolate makers and amateur crafters alike.

Firstly, they are much easier to assemble.

All that is needed are two hourglasses, a few pieces of double-stick cardboard and some double stick tape. Then simply place all of the pieces of cardboard down in the desired position over the hourglasses and tape them down to the base of the hot chocolate. This takes a lot of hassle out of producing a chocolate masterpiece!

H-33 Easter Bunny With Egg Mould
H-33 Easter Bunny With Egg Mould

Secondly, they are cheaper than PVC moulds.

Molds in general are cheaper per piece when it comes to weight compared to polycarbonate Easter egg moulds.

This is because polycarbonate is a more durable material. As well as being durable, it is also lightweight.

This means that you can put more chocolate into each one of these one-half egg PVC molds, meaning that you will be able to produce more at a lower cost when it comes to overall production costs.

Finally, they are environmentally friendly.

A great way of making your chocolate extra special is to use a variety of different materials.

By using polycarbonate instead of PVC, you can cut down on waste and save trees.

This can be especially important, considering that plastics are being discarded at an alarming rate.

As well as cutting down on waste, polycarbonate Easter egg moulds are reusable, making it a great eco-friendly choice.

So how much does it cost to get a polycarbonate Easter egg mould?

Well, the answer really depends on the number of molds you need.

Obviously, the larger the number of molds you require, the more it will cost to have made.

For example, if you are looking to produce 30 pieces then you will need to purchase at least 60 in-stock polycarbonate Easter egg moulds.

This should give you plenty of leeway in your budget.

In fact, the price shouldn’t even come into the picture because most of these molds are extremely durable and so should last you a very long time without breaking down.

When it comes to pricing,

this will vary depending on the type of polycarbonate you choose to go with.

This is because the cheapest Easter egg moulds aren’t always the best quality.

If you want a chocolate mould that is of high quality, then it is highly recommended that you buy a good quality brand such as cacao.

The reason why this is so important is that cacao chocolate moulds contain special chemicals which make them very durable and they also contain a special type of rubber called dia x h 185mm.

When it comes to pricing, it is quite evident that the higher the number of polycarbonate eggs you buy, the more expensive the chocolate mould will be.

However, if you need less than thirty pieces then there really isn’t much difference in price – but, if you are looking for something larger like sixty or more, then it is advisable to look around for a lower-cost brand of polycarbonate Easter egg mould which contains the xh185mm rubber.

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There are numerous online retailers out there that offer a wide range of polycarbonate Easter egg moldings at very low prices – however, before ordering, make sure you know exactly what size you need so that you don’t receive a small mold, and then have to return it because it is too large.

Alternatively, you could order a larger quantity but bear in mind that you will pay more for it since it is made in bulk.

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