Do not Make these Mistakes while Working on the Internet

Today you are reading my post on the internet, so you should not make some mistakes at all. No, no. Do not think that you made a mistake by coming to my website, no. It is not so. Today I will tell you some such mistakes that you should not do while working on the internet. You are reading this post of mine, It means that you are an internet user.

Therefore, I told you above that If you are reading the post then you should not make some mistakes. You must have wondered what mistakes I make while browsing/suffering on the internet? You may be thinking that I do not make any mistakes.

Whether you make a mistake or not, that you will know further. We want to tell you. If you are a computer geek and you spend too much time on the Internet then you must know these things. As I tell you, I always keep telling you about such small mistakes.

In the Last post, I told you that people often make mistakes while buying smartphones. So, If you like to know such things or keep information about them, then we hope that you will definitely come back to our website FactsTea. So now, Without talking too much, let us know about those mistakes which you often make while working on the Internet.

Password Saving in Browsers

People who spend too much time on the computer while working on the internet or whose work cannot be done without the internet. People who do jobs in IT companies, whose job is full use of the internet. This information is very special for those people, Which we are going to tell you now, that information is about saving passwords.

Yes, there are many people who sign up on the website and, then they do not have to enter their password while logging in, therefore, they save the password. If you also make such a mistake, then you should not do this at all. Because of the password that you have saved, It is very possible that someone else can know it. Now you will say how someone will know?

working on the internet

While working on the internet, the password you save to save your little effort and a few seconds of time is not secure at all. Suppose someone asks you for your phone and you gave it to him. But do you know that now he can see any of your personal data on your phone? Whether data is a tribe related to your job or your business.

Because when you were running the Internet on the browser, you had saved the password. So now, the person can log in very easily and can collect all the data/information. And not only that, he can know the password of every website or portal of which you have saved the password. Passwords are not only saved in the browser, they can also be viewed.

So, If you are thinking that I do not give Mobile to anyone for so long that they take all the data. It is not like that, all he has to do is go to your browser and show the passwords and maybe he can take a screenshot and send it to himself.

So now tell me if you want to go to your phone’s browser and take a screenshot, then how much time will it take. Leave it for hours and minutes, it will take only a few seconds to do this work. Then he can go to his home and see any of your data by logging in comfortably on any of his devices. By the way, as far as I think, now your comments will definitely tell us about this information given by us.

Trust on Reviews

Often people make this mistake while working on the internet, which we are going to tell you now. That mistake is to buy any product online just by looking at Reviews. If I ask you a question, will you give a true answer in the comment? When you have to buy a product online, how do you know which company makes the best product? Well, you will give us the answer in the comment, we know this.

Let us now tell you what people often do to know. They go to different websites and see the price of that product. Then they see which company has the best reviews on its product. Seeing the reviews, they feel that all is said to be good which means it is good. But It is not so.

working on the internet

Because now there is one thing in this internet era which is Online Reputations Management. ORM is a process in which companies manage the reputations of themselves and their products. Meaning if there is a bad revision on a product or company, then they manage the reputation by putting the same reviews on it themselves. Now you tell yourself, is it the right decision to buy a product just by looking at Reviews? After knowing the ORM, I think you will get help before shopping online next time.

Expensive Products in Low Prices & Lottery

You will get to see many such popup and advertisements on the Internet, in which they will talk about giving you an expensive product at cheap prices or they claim that, you have won the lottery of thousand dollars. If I tell you, you should stay away from such advertisements and lottery announcements.

This is because if you do not come out of the house today by taking water then, you have to spend money to buy a bottle of water to drink water. When you are not getting water even for free, then tell me who will give you the lottery of thousands of dollars so easily. Who is the one who will give you the expensive products cheaply? If you find such a person, then tell me.

working on the internet

I also want to buy some expensive products like a laptop, mobile, cheaply. Hey brother, this happens very rarely. Most of these activities are done by scammers. They just suck money from you and nothing else. Unless you see such announcements on the website or store of any official or trusted company, do not trust them.

Now, this does not mean that you should trust by just watching the announcement. You should verify it first, Whether this offer is made officially by the company and, If it is made officially, then you can buy it from your hobby. But don’t believe in any such popup or advertisement.

Earn Money from Trading or Gaming App

Nowadays while browsing on the internet, while watching videos or while enjoying social media, we get to see ads. If you have noticed, some of those advertisements are of trading apps and gaming apps. Now do not think that I am going to refuse to see your ad. I am not refusing you to see ads. I am refusing to trust you on those ads.

In those ads, you are shown how you can earn thousands of dollar dollars by trading. You can earn money by playing cricket on a gaming application. You can easily earn money with the help of your smartphone by sitting at home. Many such things are told to you in those ads, by which you will feel that I too can earn in this way.

working on the internet

Let’s try once, download the app, play a game, or trade. Wait, you should not do this. We are not saying that every company that gives ads does scam. But this is the Internet boss, a lot of scammers here are too. Just look at these ads, don’t just trust them. Because it is possible that you do not get anything rather spent out of your pocket. Your hard-earned money, spend them very carefully. Do not harm yourself by coming under the pretense of any such scammers.

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