What is Assistive Robotics Market ? & What Are They

Assistive robots provide assistance to the elderly and other people with impairments.

As many tasks still require human expertise and cannot be performed by machines, robots are not replacing human labour in general. We are actually enhancing and improving the productivity of our labor as a result of them.

The purpose of this section is to discuss the fundamental ideas behind assistive robotics market and how they can help humans. People with disabilities benefit from robots that can assist them with physical duties. In addition to the person’s activities of daily living (ADL), this duty should be performed by the attendant. A person with a disability operates the robot.

People with disabilities are increasingly using robotic assistance technology to increase their independence and quality of life. A few examples of the devices that are becoming more therapeutically relevant are robotic feeders, smart-powered wheelchairs, autonomous mobility robots, and socially assistive robots. There is a growing need for rehabilitation professionals to be knowledgeable about current research projects and available methods.

Robotics: What are they?

“Robot” comes from the Czech word “robota,” which means “worker.” The term first appeared in the 1921 play Rossum’s Universal Robots by Karel Capek (1924).

Assistive Robots: What can they do?

Assistive robots are designed to help humans with activities that they would normally require assistance with. Consider robots that can carry objects or assist a person in ascending stairs as an example.

Market Dynamics:


·         Ongoing Technological Advancements

·         Increasing number of surgical and non-surgical procedures


·         Funding and Lack of Business Model



  • Mobile
  • Stationary


  • Socially Assistive Robots
  • Physically Assistive Robots
  • Mixed Assistive Robots


  • Public Relation
  • Surgery Assistance
  • Elderly Assistance
  • Handicap Assistance
  • Industrial
  • Defense
  • Others


·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         South America

·         The Middle East & Africa


  • Kinova Robotics
  • Softbank Robotics
  • Focal Meditech
  • Cyberdyne
  • EKSO Bionics
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Ubtech Robotics
  • Rewalk Robotics
  • Hyundai

Chapter 1    Executive Summary

1.1.    Introduction of Assistive Robotics

1.2.    Global Assistive Robotics market, 2019 & 2026 (USD Million)

1.3.    Global Assistive Robotics Market, 2018 – 2030 (USD Million)

1.4.    Strategic Inputs and Impact Analysis

1.4.1. COVID-19 Impact on Assistive Robotics Market

Assistive Robotics Market – Mobility Analysis

2.1.    Overview of the global assistive robotics market

2.2.    Global Assistive Robotics Market Share, By Mobility, 2019 & 2026 (%)

2.3.    Mobile

2.3.1. Market for Mobile Assistive Robotics, 2018 – 2030 (USD Million)

2.4.    Stationary

2.4.1. Global Stationary Assistive Robotics Market, 2018 – 2030 (USD Million)

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