What are Google Gravity and Google Underwater?

Google Gravity: In our everyday life, almost everybody uses Google. We can’t picture life as simple as it is now without Google. However, the Google Homepage might become tedious after a while. This article is for you if you desire a distinct and entertaining Google homepage.

When we compare Google to other search engines, we can see that it has a few unique features that other engines lack. We’ll go over the top six Google magic tricks you may employ in your leisure time to impress your pals.

Google Gravity

  • With this method, you may use a mouse to manipulate every element on your Google Homepage. Playing with the Google Homepage is a fantastic experience.
  • www.google.com is a perfect way to start.
  • “Google Gravity” should just be typed into the Google Search box.
  • Instead of “Google Search,” choose “I’m Feeling Lucky.”
  • When you move your mouse over the “Google Gravity” page, all of the Homepage items will begin to fall. With your mouse, you may drag and drop any element on the Google Homepage.

Google Underwater

  • Without a doubt, the Google Underwater trick will wow you. The Google Homepage will float on the seawater in this trick, and you can use your mouse to create a wave on the ocean.
  • www.google.com is a great place to start.
  • “Google Underwater” should appear in the Google Search box.
  • Rather than “Google Search,” choose “I’m Feeling Lucky.”
  • Now that you’ve arrived at the “Google Underwater” page, you’ll see that all of the Google Homepage’s parts are afloat in the sea. Every aspect of the Google Homepage can be moved using your mouse.

Google Terminal

This method may be unappealing to younger generations once again. If you worked in technology in the mid-80s, though, this Google Gravity function will be right up your alley.

The DOS-style code terminal appears when you search for “Google Terminal” in the search bar. It may take a few seconds for it to materialize, but once it does, you’ll have the throwback experience you want. Google’s founders appear to have considered people of various ages.

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Finally, we’ve reached the finish of our journey. As you can see, Google Gravity is a fantastic tool that can improve your online experience. We recommend that you use all of the tips we’ve provided. If you’re interested in learning more about Google Gravity, click the link above.

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