You Should Take These Actions If You Lost Your Mobile Phone

You guys tell me one thing, what do you guys do when your mobile phone is lost or stolen? Yes, I know what you guys must be doing when you lost your mobile phone. As far as I think you people will be nervous and panic. Or you may have these questions in your mind, Hey man, I dropped the phone? Did I leave my phone? Meaning, you must have been afraid to think all this, that this negligence occurred to me. How did I do this? Am I right?

Today our world has developed technology so much that People have returned from the moon. Where people used to send letters by writing then it used to take a few months to get the answer. Today in this world, people can see each other by video calling in a few moments and not only talk. Still, do you know that? Even today, in this developed time.

Millions of people do not know. What to do in stolen or lost cituation. Then what should they do first? So today we will tell you that if this misfortune happens to you. What should you do and why it is necessary. By the way, we do not want this to happen to you at any time. So let’s now know what to do?

By the way, many people think that they are lost, no matter, they will get new, SIM card is gone, no matter they will get new. If I tell you, you should not be ignored like this. Because maybe this little mistake of yours tomorrow becomes a problem for you. Therefore, read the things mentioned below carefully and, if something like this happens to you, then you should not ignore it at all. And if you are interested to know 4 Astonishing Facts About Keyboard then please read our previous post.

Don’t Panic

Often, when such incidents happen, more of us panic. Because of this, they forget the other important things which they should do at this time. So you should not panic at all and think carefully whether you were called last time or you operate your phone or kept. After that, you should try to make a call on your number immediately. If the ring is going, it means that your phone will fall somewhere.

Now go and see where you have come from now. You may find your phone kept somewhere or dropped but, if your phone is switched off then it means your phone has been stolen or someone has picked it up. It means, now there is no use to find you on those walks way. So what should you do now? I tell you.

Block Your Sim

Now the first thing you have to do is to block the SIM. There are many people who don’t pay much attention to the block and think that we will take the second. This is a big mistake. The operator you use the SIM. To block your sim, contact to respective coustmer care.
Why you must do this? Because your number is connected/linked to your social media account, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and all other social media account. And not only this, your bank account, credit card, debit card, UPI, all these are also connected. So it can happen that someone misuses your sim and you don’t even know. So first of all you should block the sim. Now another thing.

Use Find My Device / Find My App

If you are an Android user, then immediately you have to install the Find My Device application on another phone. In that, you have to log in with the same email Id which you had logged into your lost phone. Then after that, you have to lock your phone with the help of such an application and delete all data. And if you want, then you can also know the last location of your phone with the help of such an application that your phone was on which location when it was on. If your phone is still on at this time, then you can track it live where your phone is at this time.

lost your mobile phone
Find My Device App & Find My App

If you are an iPhone user. You can use the application “Find My” and through that, you can delete all the data of your phone, Can lock and track your phone. By the way, if the iPhone user wants, you can do all these things without even installing the application. For this, you will have to go to the website, and you will have to do all these things on it. You cannot get a phone from all these ways, but you can know at which location your phone was active at the last moment.

If you are lucky, you can also get your phone. So according to me, you should definitely try at once. Maybe you are the luckiest. Well, that’s not all you have to do. After doing this, do not think that you do not have to do anything now, you have to block your mobile number. If you know how to block then it’s good and if not, then let me tell you how to block?

How to Block Mobile IMEI Numbers?

You will need some legal documents to block your IMEI number Therefore, You should prepare all that first And you will get that documents from the police station.

File Complaint in Police Station – Now you have to go to the police station and you have to register a complaint by telling the complete information of the phone about the loss of your mobile. After the complaint is registered, you will get some documents from them and, those documents will help you to block your number.

Block IMEI – You have to go to the website and you have to send a request to block your mobile account. While submitting the request, you have to give the information of your phone like Like your sim. 1 Mobile Number, SIM 2 Mobile Number, IMEI Number and much more. After that, you will be asked for documents of Police complaint. You have to upload the same documents that you have got from the Police Station and then send the request. In some time, following your plain information, your particular number will be blocked.

Advantage of Blocking IMEI Number

Anyone will not be able to use mobile due to the blocking of the IMEI Number. It means that no SIM will run on that mobile. By the way, if the SIM can not work then what is the use of that mobile? And, in today’s time, all these things can be done online at home. So if you believe me then you should not ignore anything. After all, if you do some such work, then all these will be better steps for your safety and you will feel yourself a responsible and sensible person.

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