Do you Know 4 Astonishing and Shocking Facts About Your Computer Keyboard?

Whether it is a computer or a laptop, there are many amazing facts hidden in their keyboard, which you hardly know about. If you have ever used a keyboard? then you must have noticed that you always press the enter very strongly and very fast after typing anything. Why? And not only this, if you look carefully at the keyboard, then there is a small bulge in it. Which is on the F and J key. Why? Apart from this, all the buttons on the keyboard are small but the space button is very big. What is the reason behind these 4 Astonishing and Shocking Facts?

At the same time, some questions must have come to your mind. Why is this ABCD button not written in the right order, why is it randomly written? What is the reason behind this? There are many other questions about computer keyboard, which you must know about. To know about all these masters and facts, read this post completely. Welcome to Facts Tea and know the 4 Amazing Fact About Your Computer Keyboard.

Q W E R T Y U, Why Not Alphabetically?

The first question about the keyboard is that the Q, W, E, R, T has been given. why is it not given alphabetically? Like A B C D E F G H I J K L was there, it would have made it easier. By the way, if I tell you why this has been done, then it has been done to reduce your typing speed. I think you will find this thing a little shocking and now you must be wondering whether we humans can type so fast that this technical input device is afraid of us too. 

Now I tell the secret, what is the main reason for making it like this and why? The reason is old typewriters. Why? When typewriters were created or invented. The letters were kept in the alphabetic order, thinking that it is easier for anyone to write. It was easy for the people to type fast and easy as well,  instead of finding letters to type fast. As we see today, people are spending money out of their pocket to increase their typing speed.

But due to this ease, a huge problem bay has occurred which will also surprise you. Yes, due to this ease, the typing speed of the people started accelerating after typing for a few days. And due to this speed, the buttons of those typewriters used to deteriorate quickly or break. There were huge expenses of making it again and again. It was a big problem for writers to handle the expense.

keeping these things in mind, they make changes in the alphabet. And then, the alphabet was written in the manner of Q W E R T Y. However, later the companies made strong and good quality typewriters but there were no changes in the letters and till date, We have been watching the same. And now, I do not think there will be any change in the future. Well, according to me, there is no need for change.

Why is There a Small Bulge on F & J Key?

Now come to the next question, About 4 Astonishing and Shocking facts of the Computer keyboard. If you look carefully at the keyboard, you will see a small bulge on the F and J keys. why? If you have seen it, then you must be thinking why has it been given. What is its specialty or need? Come on, let me tell you with ease. If you have ever seen a fast typing person typing or you write very fast yourself. You must have noticed that when someone is writing. He is not looking at the button and at the time of writing his eyes are looking at the monitor above but, he writes accurately without even looking at the bottom. Behind this, these two bulges are the reason.

4 Astonishing and Shocking Facts
Look The Bump in Red Circle

If you have ever joined an institute to learn typing, you must have heard from your instructor at the time of training, that you have to put the index finger of both your hands on the F&J button. The rest of the fingers on which button have to be kept. An instructor would tell you. So what happens, because of these two small bulges, we get to know which word is where and, because of these bulges, we write exactly and fast without looking down at the keyboard.

Why is the Space Bar Button not Small? 

If you also think like me why this spacebar button is so big. why it has not been made even smaller than, let me tell you today. I have done some research on this question and I have got some answers to my question. Let see, the reason for making the space button bigger is that our fingers cannot reach the space button.

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Let’s say the Space button on my keyboard is small. Now, I pressed the Qwertyuio button on the left side of the keyboard and wrote something. Now I need to give space. So now I raised my hand to press the S button and, now it will reduce my writing speed because I have to raise my hand repeatedly to press the spacebar.

Keeping these things in mind, this button has been made so large at the bottom. The thumbs of both hands can easily press this button without raising our hands.

Why don’t you press the Enter Key Comfortably? 

Enter Key

Actually, there is no reason for this, and as I think. If I tell you my personal experience of why I hit the enter key hard. I just want to feel that now my daily work is complete and I can relax now. wait! Do you know that a surprising fact about the enter key is that this button is the strongest button? Because, When we press any other button we apply very little force and that button has a load of that finger only from which we are suppressing it. But when we press the enter button, the weight of our entire hand goes to that button. But the Enter key never complains to us.

By the way, if we look at it accordingly. It is a process of coercion because whenever we have to save something. We have to complete some work than to finish the work completely we have to press the Enter button at the end Needs. Because nothing is complete without it. When we are pressing the enter button. The sound of pressing that button loudly gives our brain a rest that the work is done. Somewhere we can say that we do this to make ourselves feel happy. Now I am feeling again happy. I want to know about your reaction after knowing these 4 Astonishing and Shocking Facts.

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