You Must Know About These Shortcomings If You Are Going to Buy iPhone

Must have heard the name iPhone. But do you know about iPhone shortcomings? When someone buys an iPhone for the first time, have you ever asked about their experience after some time? Let’s leave the experience, have you ever heard a friend say, Hey man, I took this iPhone and, now I feel like I made a mistake.

Do not think why I am asking you such things. Actually, the thing is that today I am going to tell you some such facts about iPhones, Knowing whom you will probably never want to buy them. Yes, if you are planning to buy iPhone, then you must know some of these facts. What you know or you do not know and after taking them you may also say, man, why have I taken it.

Today I will tell you some such differences between iPhone and Android, which you will feel knowing that I did not even notice and didn’t know about this. By the way, if you have an iPhone, then maybe you will know about them. But if you don’t know then you must know. These are very small things, but they can irritate you. In our previous post, we told you about how to choose the best headphone that suits your need. if you are interested to know that then you can read.

Important Policy

Suppose you have to transfer some data from your phone to your computer. You connect your mobile to the computer with a third-party cable and, you transfer data. But while doing this, there was some problem with the connector of your phone and, If it gets worse then what will you do.

I tell you what you will do. You will take it to Apple’s service center and try to get it fixed. But you know that if they come to know that, In addition to Apple. You have used a third-party product due to which such a defect has occurred in the phone, then what will happen.

They will directly reply to you. Sir, you used third-party products in it, so we cannot take responsibility for it. And, if your phone is new and you make such a mistake, then guaranteed warranty may expire. Because Apple has a policy that you can not use third company’s products along with apple products. If you use any other companies products, then you will be responsible for the mess caused by it. The company can not do anything about it.

Parallel App Facility

This information is very important for businessmen and for those people, who are working in IT companies. And for those who run multiple accounts on social media. As you all know, in Android phones, you get the facility to create parallel apps.

A parallel app means you can run two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on the same phone. We all know that WhatsApp does not have the facility of login and login in the same mobile, that we have logged out and logged in on the second id. You can do the same on Facebook. But if you want to do it on WhatsApp.

You will have to repeatedly clear the data and verify the mobile number via OTP. Then you can run two WhatsApp together on the same phone. In a way, it is a long process and, it will irritate you. That’s why you make a parallel app of WhatsApp app in Android.

And then you do another account in it. But you cannot do the same thing on your phone. This means, If you have a big business and you need multiple accounts to handle many clients, then you cannot. You will have to manage it all from the same account. I also think that you will not find it right in any way. If I believe it, then if your needs are like this, then you should use Android.

Freedom to Install

If we talk about Android Smart Phones, You get the freedom to install apps. Although this freedom is also available in Apple phones, there is a big difference between the Android and iPhone. Suppose, you have to install an app for your business but that app is not available on the Apple store then you can never install it on your phone.

You want to download a file of that app by Google and want to install it directly on your phone, but you cannot do it at all. But in Android, you have the freedom to search on Google and download the app file of any app and install it and use it on your mobile.

If you want to use that app on your iPhone then that app must be on the apple app store. Talk about the same for some people whose job is to make the apps and test them, then they will face a lot of problems. Not only this, the people who love to play games, who want to find new games on the internet and enjoy their experience by playing them, this will not be the right choice for them also. If you have such a hobby or you need such then you should think once before buying an iPhone.

This is not the end, It was just a matter of freedom of installation. Where you get most of the free apps in Android, on the other hand, you will find most such apps on Apple phone, iPad, for which you may have to pay a lot of money for use. Overall, if I say give money to buy mobile and then give money to use it. I do not think it is right for those who have a limited income of source. This is better for those who have a good income and who do not have to think much while spending money.

Entertainment Charges

In Android, you can open any third-party website by searching on Google and download your favorite movies, songs or videos and watch them. But it is a bit difficult to get this done on iPhone. Because if you try to download something from an IOS internet browser, then you may face some problems. The browsers of IOS are secure in such a way that you cannot open a third-party website in them. You can open only those websites in the IOS browser, which are trusted and secure.

If I tell my opinion on this matter. It is very important to be like this and I like this thing the most. This is because It keeps our data completely secure and, I also recommend you. Even If you are an Android user, should stay away from untrusted websites. You should not be visited on those websites. I am just telling you all this so that you can know what is the difference between the two. I have nothing to do with such websites nor is it my goal to encourage you to visit such sites.

It is not over yet if you are very fond of listening to songs, then maybe you have to pay to listen to the songs. In Android, you can install many apps and listen to songs in them for free, but this is not the case with iPhone. You get an app “iTune” to listen to the songs in which you can listen to the song In free, but there is also some chargeable. If you are very fond of entertainment, then maybe your all wish cannot be fulfilled in it and according to me, you must have thought about it for a year.

Lightning Connector

If the charging port of your phone is Type C, then you can charge from the Type C charger of any company. But you cannot do this at all on an iPhone. Because the charging port of the iPhone is different and you will not find such a port in another mobile of any company. It means, If you are going out for a few days for some work then, you do not have to forget the charger under any circumstances. If you forget, you will have to find an iPhone user and ask for his charger to charge the mobile. Now you will think that I will buy the charger by ordering online. Am I right?

iPhone Shortcomings

Let me tell you, The iPhone charger does not cost as much as the charger of an android. There is a lot of difference between its price and android price. A small mistake of yours can cost money out of your pocket. So you do not have to make such a mistake at all. The matter is very small, but it is very important so please think about It and then decide you will buy it or not.

Battery Backup/Life

I have heard from many people that iPhone’s battery life is not good compared to the Android. Where the android mobile battery does not deteriorate even after two years of use. The same iPhone battery starts to give less backup after one year. If you are an iPhone user, then please comment and tell us your experience. Maybe someone can get some help from your experience. The battery of Android would give backup to 24 hours of time if it is 3000 MAH. But Apple’s phones do not provide that much backup even If its battery is also 3000 MAH.

If you know why this happens, then please tell in the comment. By the way, this is very disgusting when we have to charge the mobile again and again. I also had an Android whose battery was deteriorating. It used to go down so fast that I did not know how to do anything well on mobile. I have gone through this problem. So I do not want you to go through it because such problems are not good at all.

My Opinion

If I state my opinion, then all the restrictions that iPhone Company has applied to download, installation, and many other things. They have made all these restrictions to protect their user data. That’s why despite having so many problems, there are millions of users of iPhones around the world. I will also recommend that if you want the security of your data, then you should take an iPhone.

And yes, if you have already made up your mind to buy, then please try to use apple products with your phone only such as data cable, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook, and much more. And yes, if you have already made up your mind to buy. Please try to use apple products with your phone only such as data cable, Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook, and much more. Because, the things that you will find in IOS, you will not find anywhere. And if you will use all the products of Apple only, you will have a great experience and feel like living a luxurious life.

Note I want to make one thing clear. All the information given above is only for educational purposes, I have no other purpose at all.

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