How to Install MS Visual Studio 2019 on Windows 10

visual studio 2019

Hi, Developers! Hope you all are doing well. Today I am going to tell you how to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 on your machine. First let me tell about VS 2019, Visual Studio is an IDE which stands for Integrated Development Environment and IDE is used to create an environment for developers or … Read more

Why Do People Buy iPhones Even Though They are Expensive?

While buying an Android

You all know how expensive iPhones are, yet what are the reasons that people buy iPhones. Often you will hear this on newspaper or news channel, that this new model of iPhone was launched today. It is so costly. It has these new features in it. And if you have noticed, So whenever Apple launches … Read more

You Must Know About These Shortcomings If You Are Going to Buy iPhone

iPhone Shortcomings

Must have heard the name iPhone. But do you know about iPhone shortcomings? When someone buys an iPhone for the first time, have you ever asked about their experience after some time? Let’s leave the experience, have you ever heard a friend say, Hey man, I took this iPhone and, now I feel like I … Read more