How to find the best headphone or earphone that suits your needs

You must have seen that nowadays people are using earphones and Airpods very much for gaming. When it comes to buying the best headphone for yourself, then many options are available in the market. Such as AirPods, TWS, wired, wireless, and etc. There are so many options in the market that your mind must be upset thinking that which one I should take for gaming. Which one would be the best for me. I want to listen to the song. I want to talk for a long time. which one would be the best for all this.

At the moment, if I tell you, now you don’t have to worry. Because today I will tell you some such information about these earphones. After knowing that, you will get a lot of help to choose the best headphones, earphones, or such things according to your requirement. So which type of earphone should you buy, before knowing all this, you must know about the driver. If you do not know the driver, then you may have difficulty purchasing according to your requirement. By the way, I am not talking about the driver who drives the vehicle. The driver used in things like AirPod I m talking bout that.

What is driver?

You might have noticed, whenever you buy materials like AirPod, it is written on it that. There is a driver of 8 mm in it, it has 9 mm, it has 10 mm, etc. So what is this driver? You must know it. See, this is a very simple thing. The driver’s job is to convert an electrical signal into an audible form, or rather, an electrical signal into an audible sound. Due to the driver, you get the electrical signal in audio form and you can hear and understand it. If these drivers are not used, can you hear and understand an electrical signal. No, you will not be able to do this. I think by now you know that what a driver is.

What is used to make the audio drivers – The drivers that are included in Airpods are made up of three things. 1. Magnet 2. voice coil 3. Diaphragm. The combination of these three things creates a driver whose job is to convert the electrical signal into audio.

Types of Driver

There are many types of drivers such as dual driver, dynamic driver, electrostatic driver, hybrid driver, and many more. Meaning there are so many types of drivers. If I started telling about them one by one, then maybe you will say please stop now and I don’t want to let happen that. You might have noticed that every ear-pod or headphone is written above 9mm, 10mm driver, or something numbers like this on it. If I tell you in an easy way, the larger the number of the driver, the better you will get the sound quality and the base. By the way, from now on you should always remember it because it will help you to choose the best Earphones. Now there are many types of headphones too, let’s know them too.

Types of Headphone & Earphone

As far as I think, You will also know that headphones come in many types. Such as In-Ear, TWS, Over-Ear Headphone. Let us know about some of these types of headphones today.

In-Ear Headphone – Here, you know from the name “in-ear” means that easily comes in your ear. So all the wired or wireless earphones that come easily into your ears, we call them in-ear-AirPods. If we talk about the merits of these, then there would be small and light, meaning you can take them easily anywhere. And the shortcomings are the quality in them is not that good because their driver size is small. If you use such an in-ear-headphone then you must have seen that the magnet they have is very small, meaning the driver is small.

best headphone

As I have told you, the bigger the driver, the better the sound you will get. By the way, these in-ear-earphones are the best option for those who like to listen to the song continuously. It is also better for those who talk for a long time. Because it does not use your phone’s battery too much. Choosing wireless in-ear-headphones is a good decision because it gives good battery backup in comparison to others.

TWS Earphones ( True Wireless Stereo ) – The first thing is that earphones of this type are expensive as compared to the rest. Because they are portable, chargeable, easy are carry, good looking and much more. But if we talk about its shortcomings, then its biggest drawback is that it will not run without charging. If you like to listen to the song for a long time or you like to talk, then maybe you face some problems. These types of AirPods are better for those who do not use such things for a long time.

This is best for them, who only need entertainment while exercising in the gym or while doing some light work. As you’re also seeing, nowadays people buy TWS earphones because they are stylish and small. But my opinion is, do not use them for gaming, because their real-time sound quality is good, so you can not enjoy it in gaming.

On-Ear and Over-Ear Headphone – Not to talk too much, I m coming to the point directly. These are the best headphones for gaming and DJ music lovers. By the way, there is not much difference between over-ear and in-ear headphones. In-ear reaches to your ears only and, you can hear the outside voice along with the music. But the same over-ear. it covers your entire ear completely. And then you will not able to hear the outside voice at all. This means you can say. You will be completely cut off from the outside world and you will be lost in the world of gaming and music.

In comparison to TWS, this is not easy to carry and, its weight is not light in comparison to TWS. Talking about their sound quality, it gives amazing sound quality. The drivers involved in it are large and, with the help of that, we get good sound quality and bass. If I talk about my choice. I have experienced the real sound quality with these headphones. Whether you use it in gaming or to listen to remix songs with a high base. It gives excellent performance in all of them.

Types of Cable in Earphone & Headphone

When buying an earphone people ignore some things, which they should not Ignore at all. This is because they have disadvantages but there are also many benefits that you must go know. Yes, I am talking here about wire cables. There are three types of cable 1. Round plastic cable 2. Flat cable 3. Nylon braided cable. Let us know these three now.

wire types

Round plastic cable – Earphones with this cable are very cheap and their life is very short. They also get spoiled soon after using them very rarely. There is such a problem in it that it irritates us a lot and that is their complication. These cables get entangled in themselves and we have to sort them out again and again and I also find it very irritating.

Flat wire Cable – As I have just told you about the problem above. In view of such problems, a flat cable has been made. Due to the flat cable wires, they do not get tangled, and if they get tangled, they get solved very easily.

Nylon Braided Cable – This cable is better in comparison to Flat wire cable and round plastic cable. Such wires do not deteriorate quickly nor do any cracks occur between their wires. Its life is better than the rest. If you want to buy an earphone for a long time by investing money at once. Then, You should only buy nylon braided cables. To know more amazing facts about the Difference Between DSLR, iPhone, And Smartphone Camera Megapixels you can read our latest post.

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