What’s new in Windows 11? Brief About Windows 11 New Features

Let’s talk about Windows 11 today. Today we will know what is new in Windows 11 or What’s new in windows 11 that make it better than Windows 10. Today we will know about the 8 best features of Windows 11. As far as I think, this time Windows has tried to give some features similar to Mac OS in Windows 11. Let’s go straight to the point and know about the new features of Windows 11 without talking much.

The Best 8 Features in Window 11

1Premium Theme Design Look
2Phone Syncing
3Multi-Window Support / Snap Your App
4Work Relative Informational Window Widgets
5Advanced Gesture For Smooth Functionality
6Advance Full Voice Command
7Auto HDR Gaming
8USE Android Apps in Windows

Premium Theme Design Look in Windows 11

If we talk about the first look of window 11, then this time window has worked hard to give a premium feel to its users. Yes, this time you will see the modern and clean design in the windows 11 themes. In this design, you are going to see a glossy look, rounded corners, and a very simple and slightly transparent type of look. Changes have been made not only in the look of the theme but also in the start menu. So far we have seen that Window has always given the start menu in the bottom-left corner but in Window 11 it has been shifted to the middle.

Windows 11

This means that this time you are going to see the start menu in the center. In a way, an attempt has been made to give an Android feel to the window. Well, if you want, you can customize it. You can remove the start from the center and put it back on the left side. Freedom is also being given to the user so that he can enjoy the new features of the window according to his own way and choice.

Let me tell you one more thing that, This time start will work on the recommendation. Whatever app you use frequently or use in daily life, you will see it in the start popup. The thing came again that now Microsoft wants to make Windows as easy as Android.

Phone Syncing in Windows 11

Most of the peoples would know that Mac has a feature to sync the phone with the help of which we can operate the phone from PC. This means if we are doing some work on the phone and doing some different work on the PC, then Mac gives us a facility that you can sync your phone with the PC and operate the phone on PC.

windows 11

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That means you do not need to touch the phone again and again. Now we will get to see some such features in Windows 11 also. Although you could do this in earlier Windows versions too, in 11 It has been made much easier. Now you will be able to connect your phone to your Windows PC very easily through cloud syncing.

Multi Window Support / Snap Your App

I liked this feature very much in the updated Microsoft operating system. Now in MS OS, you will get features like multi-window and it will also be a very snappy layout. We can operate many functions simultaneously on one screen. The custom of minimizing or closing one function and running another is about to end. I think the coming of this feature is very beneficial for everyone. Whether it is software development or web development or whatever. Now you can do multiple works simultaneously on the same screen.

windows 11

The multi-window snappy layout we are getting to see in the window is more advanced. Yes, you can resize the window of your app according to the size of the screen you are working on. I think these features will be liked the most by the window users. Because not everyone’s screen is of the same size and when the user gets the freedom to work in his own way, then he enjoys working even more.

Work Relative Informational Window Widgets

This time the support of window widgets is much more advanced. It will be powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). It will have such an impact that what is your daily interest in your daily work, you will see similar things in widgets.

According to me, when there is so much advantage of widgets, then we should definitely give time to widgets in our free time. Because most of the things related to our interest will come in it, then we will enjoy reading even more.

windows 11

Advanced Gesture For Smooth Functionality

If you are using Windows 11 on a tablet or a touch screen PC, then it will be much easier to use it. The smooth and easy gestures that we get to see in Android or smartphone, this time we will also get it in the window. The benefit of this feature is going to be much beneficial to those who do not like to use the keyboard and mouse. Let us now know about the next feature of the new operating system of Windows.

Advance Full Voice Command in Windows 11

This time the voice command has also been made much more advanced. Now not only writing by speaking, but we can also do things like editing, erasing them with voice commands. If you’re a lazy guy and don’t like writing, you’ll love this Microsoft voice command feature. Maybe this can become your favorite feature too. By the way, if I tell my opinion, then I also found it very helpful because things like spelling mistakes that happen to us in typing will not happen anymore. So the arrival of this voice command somewhere is very beneficial for every window user.

Auto HDR Gaming in Windows 11

Windows 11

This auto HDR gaming update will make a splash in the market. Because in today’s time there are a lot of people who like to play games on the window PC. This update is especially for those gamers. If you are a gamer then this is going to be your favorite. Because now whenever you will play the game in Windows 11, it will automatically show the visuals of your game in the HDR. Your visuals are going to look brighter and cleaner.

This will make you feel as you are not playing the game, you are just in the game. All this information and updates which I am giving you here will be made more advanced regularly. You will continue to get regular updates in the coming time. These will be continuously updated to make your experience even better.

USE Android Apps in Windows 11

Windows 11

I myself was waiting for this feature for a very long time and now it is finally coming. Oh sorry, Actually I am talking about using the Android app in windows. Yes, you are absolutely right, now you can use Android apps in Windows. But to do this you have to do a little work. For this, you have to go to Microsoft and log in with Amazon’s user ID password. With the help of which you will be able to download/install all the apps very easily from Amazon’s App Store on your Windows PC.

System Requirement to Install Windows 11

Processor1 GHz & Compatible with 64 bit processor
System FirmwareUnified Extensible Firmware Interface, Secure Boot Cable
TPMVersion 2.0
StorageMinimum 64GB
RAMMinimum 4GB
Graphic CardSupported with Direct X12 or Later with WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) 2.0 driver
DisplayHD (720p)
Connection & AccountsInternet Connectivity & Microsoft Account

Note ;- All Image credits goes to Microsoft

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