What Does It Cost to Make a Fiverr Clone?

Millions of professionals worldwide are making the jump from full-time employment to freelancing because of the convenience it provides. Freelancing is the best way for nearly everyone else to earn an extra buck. Freelancing is growing more and more popular because of this.

What Is Fiverr?

For businesses looking to outsource short-term services like copywriting, editing, graphic design, marketing, and logo creation, Fiverr is known as one of the most popular freelancing marketplaces. Customers may review the profiles of every freelancer on the site and choose the ones whose experience, rates, and talents meet their requirements because it is an open and transparent system.

As the name suggests, Fiverr services start at just $5 per job or assignment, making it the greatest digital marketplace where you can acquire the top talents at cost-effective rates.

Here, we’ll tell you what cloning an existing site costs in terms of time and money, the cost it takes to keep the site running, and the cost of promoting it.

Feature Set, Development Time, and Development Expense

SignUp/SignIn: 150 hours of work: $7500.00

Time tracking and user profiles: 80 hours: $4000

Create/Track Orders: 150 hours: $7,000

Payment Gateways: 80 hours: $4000

Reviews/Ratings: 25 hours: $1250

Messenger: 50 hours: $2500

Search/Filters: 200 hours: $90,000

The more features you add to your app, the more development hours and cost.

Things to Consider for Fiverr Clone Development

Clone creation can be accomplished in numerous ways. Simplest solution: utilize a CMS WordPress theme to build a similar site. Your site would look the same as hundreds of others using the same or similar theme, but it would be quick and inexpensive. 

Custom development is necessary if your project requires a team of expert developers or an outsourced technical partner with all the specialists you need. A Fiverr clone requires a minimum of the following specialists:


  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst

The creation of a website platform

  • Two programmers for front-end development
  • Two programmers for backend development
  • 1-2 designers of user interfaces and user experiences
  • Two to three QA professionals are needed.
  • One financial analyst

Development of mobile devices

  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 iOS app developers

Experts in this field can command hourly rates ranging from $30 to $150 based on their location (country or area), level of expertise, and training.

Development Cost of Key Features 


Registration is mandatory for both freelancers and clients. Traditional ways of registration, such as email, phone number, Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter, can be utilized with this service. Although the registration procedure should be as straightforward and unobtrusive as possible, you should not push consumers to sign up right away. Instead, provide them the option to register twice during their user journey. In the first place, before using the streaming service. Secondly, and perhaps most crucially, before making a payment.

At the developers’ hourly rate of $50 per hour, this feature took 150 hours to construct and cost $7500.

User Account

Both the customer and the freelancer should build and customize their user profiles. The client’s profile includes the name (business name), logo, contacts, connections to the site and social media accounts, location and projects, rating, and reviews. And for freelancers’ profiles, the information should be everything from education to their work history.

It takes roughly 80 hours and $4000 to create a user profile feature in a Fiverr-like platform.

A System For Sorting And Searching

Fiverr, like any other marketplace, is primarily reliant on search. People typically use search engines to find services. The most popular requests will be shown beneath the search bar on freelancing markets to help users narrow their search. This is made easier by the use of filters and categories. One of the many features of Fiverr is the ability to search for services by a variety of criteria, including price range, type of service offered, time of service (such as same-day or next-day delivery), language, and more.

Search, categories, and filters for a freelance marketplace take around 200 hours, or $10000.

Tracking your order

This feature allows customers to select a service type and a freelancer, create a new order, and invite freelancers to bid on it. You’ll need a tender system, order tracking, and time-tracking to get this done. To ensure that projects are finished on time, and transparently, freelancers can now track the time spent on each of their clients’ projects.

It would take 150 hours, or $7500, to perform this work on a Fiverr-style site.

Integration of Social Networking

It speeds up the registration process and simplifies the authorization procedure for users, making it easier for them to create new profiles. Additionally, you can leverage information from social networks (such as a person’s name, location, photo, educational background, and professional abilities) to alert customers of completed purchases, payments, and new chat messages. This is all possible. You may also develop a closer interaction with social networks for freelance services like SMM, marketing, and targeting.

That’s between 17,000 and 25,000 hours of development time or $1750 to $25,000 in today’s money.

Incorporating a Payment Gateway

Due to many available payment methods, users want to pay in their preferable methods. Credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL (Netherlands), GiroPay (Germany), Sofort (Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland), Boleto (Brazil), and OXXO can all be used to make a payment (Mexico).

Integration with multiple major payment gateways will take roughly 80 hours or $4000. Adding a new integration will entail 10-15 hours of additional labor.

Rating and Feedback System

Customers benefit from this kind of feedback since it helps them identify trustworthy contractors. After an order has been completed, members of the system can assess each other based on various factors (level of communication, correspondence with a description, and whether you would recommend this agent to your friend). Users who are registered should be able to comment on a review, and the parties involved should be able to use the platform’s arbitration mechanism to respond to and contest the review.

At least 25 hours of work, or $1250, are needed to implement the rating and feedback system.

Internal Discussion

Customers may be able to communicate with the service provider in various ways to get answers to questions about the service. 

There is a $2500 and a time frame of 50 hours for implementation.


Fiverr offers both push notifications and email notifications. They must tell customers of major events (a new order, new message, payment, approaching deadline, etc.) and enhance engagement by informing them of new events, updates, discounts, special offers, contests, etc.

Notifications can take 30 hours and $1500 to execute.

Panel of Administrators

The entire app must be maintained, from the home page design and service listing to the financial service costs. This includes everything on the home page. Therefore, the administrator should have a dashboard/screen that shows current service status and tools for managing users, services, and payments and notifications.

Up to 500 hours and $25,000 are needed to build a Fiverr clone’s admin panel.

The following are additional costs to keep in mind:

The clone’s design is based on market research.

Promotion of the freelancing platform

The Final Words

In the United States, Fiverr has become a well-known program that allows small businesses to easily sell their items and freelancers to showcase their skills and earn extra money.

Thanks to this blog, you may learn about Fiverr and other connected topics. You may also estimate how much it will cost to construct a Fiverr-like app. To receive an exact price, you’ll need to get in touch with a clone app development company.

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