Secrets to Increasing Your YouTube Subscribers | How to?

How do you get more people to subscribe to your YouTube channel? That’s the ultimate question, and there’s no one answer that will work for everyone. This guide on how to increase your youtube subscribers will give you valuable tips on how to get more subscribers, but it also explores what type of content you should be creating, how you should be marketing your videos, and so much more.

Know Why You Create Videos

The easiest way to ensure your videos resonate with viewers is by knowing why you create them. There are three reasons most people create content: 1) To inform 2) To entertain 3) To build an audience If you can figure out what you want out of your channel, it’ll be easier for you to determine how your videos should be structured. Ideally, every video you create will fulfill all three goals—but there are times when it might make sense to prioritize one or two over another.

Tell a Story

If you want more people subscribing to your channel, it helps if you have a great story. If you want more people reading your blog, it helps if you’re entertaining (and informative). Don’t just tell people how you got some great video views; take us along for that ride and show us how exhilarating and nerve-wracking things can be when your channel is starting out.

Don’t be Afraid to Vlog

Vlogging is one of YouTube’s fastest-growing video trends, and it’s easy to see why. Vlogging allows you to share your story, connect with viewers and give them insight into your life. The best part? Vlogging is scalable—as long as you’re comfortable talking in front of a camera (and know what you’re doing behind it), you can make vlogging work for your channel no matter how much time you have available.

How to Choose Good Video Titles

When it comes to choosing a title for your videos, write titles that are quick and concise. While you want them to be enticing enough to pique viewers’ interest, don’t go overboard with clickbait titles that promise things they can’t deliver (e.g., How I Gained 15 Pounds of Muscle in 2 Weeks!). Longer videos will have more opportunities for variation in titles, but shorter videos should stick with shorter titles.

Produce Great Content

The first secret to growing your subscriber base is producing great content. Before you even think about reaching out to new subscribers, you need an engaged audience—and in order for that audience to grow, your videos have to be good enough that people want to see more of them. You could have a ton of fun with experimental or goofy ideas, but if they don’t convert viewers into subscribers (and customers), then what’s the point?

Comment and Engage with Other Creators

Engaging with other creators is a great way to build your brand while growing your channel. You’ll also notice a natural increase in subscribers as you engage more with your audience. Think of it like in-person networking: whenever you get together with friends, family, or colleagues and talk about what you do for work, it’s likely that those interactions lead to increased networking opportunities at some point in time.

Share, Share, Share

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are massive traffic drivers for some of today’s most successful businesses. When you post consistently on these channels and share tips that your audience will find useful or interesting, it only makes sense that people will start following you—and potentially subscribe to your channel! Here are a few tips on how to increase your subscribers from each platform

Diversify Your Channel

Another way to increase your subscribers is to diversify your channel. Although many YouTubers focus on one specific subject, it can actually be a good idea to branch out from time to time. In doing so, you’ll expand your viewer base and gain a new sense of engagement with people who were previously unfamiliar with your content. So, if you only make gaming videos—try making some cooking or travel vlogs as well!

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If you only make vlogs—you may want to try making some Let’s Play style videos. The more types of videos you have, the more opportunities for increased engagement there are for people seeking out those specific things; even if it is just a small percentage of them that do in fact stick around through diversification.

Promote Yourself!

If you’re trying to promote your channel on a large scale, and you don’t have an established subscriber base, it can be difficult to get your videos in front of people who may want to see them. Before you start promoting or distributing your videos, make sure that they are of high quality. Don’t rush into making videos—think about what niche you want to focus on.

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