5 Programs to Create Logos For Free | 2022

A logo is a symbol that helps recognize a company, a product, and any project or entity in general. Logos have to be original, striking, and functional so that with a single glance, everyone can recognize the brand with which it is associated and its values.

The creation of logos is linked to graphic design, and to design professional logos, many elements have to be taken into account. To facilitate this work, numerous programs on the Internet allow us to design and create logos quickly and easily.

Next, we present 5 of the best programs to create free logos that you can use online without downloading any application or knowing graphic design.

1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker with over 10,000 templates that you can use to create professional logos in seconds. It has millions of icons and more than 100 fonts to customize your designs and give them a unique look.

Icons designed with DesignEvo can be downloaded for free but with restrictions. To use the logo, you must follow two steps. The first is to share DesignEvo on one of your social networks, and the second is to give DesignEvo attribution on the web or blog where you are going to use the logo.

Suppose you want to use the logos created with DesignEvo without the need for attribution, with higher resolution, in vector format, and with a transparent background. In that case, you must purchase a premium account. 

2. Canva

If you know how to use Canva, you are in luck because it will be straightforward for you to create your logo since this famous graphic design program also incorporates a logo creator. 

To start using Canva, you have to create an account with which to log in and that’s it. Do not worry because Canva’s interface is straightforward and created for people outside the design world if you are inexperienced. 

Canva is a free program, but with limitations, if you want to download for example your logo in SVG format, you will need a PRO account. 

3. Zyro

Zyro is Hostinger’s website builder and includes the Zyro logo maker. If you are interested in the world of web design and creation, I leave you a previous post that may interest you.

To create a logo with Zyro, you can start in two ways. The first is to create a logo by providing your brand’s name, the industry to which it belongs, and choosing one of the icons that they offer you. The second is using the logo generator through artificial intelligence. A unique and unrepeatable logo is generated using artificial intelligence, although sometimes the symbols and shapes it offers are somewhat strange.

Once you have your logo, the Zyro editor will allow you to change it. For example, you can change the logo’s color, the position of the icon or the font. Zyro will allow you to download for free but at a very, very low resolution when you have everything. To obtain the logo with a transparent background and high resolution, you must pay 5 dollars or obtain a paid subscription.

4. Logaster

Logaster is a web app that offers unlimited downloads of logos for free and without watermarks. You will have your logo ready to use in PNG format in seconds. The free logos offered by the app are small but big enough for a website header or A4 size sheet. 

Getting your logo for free with Logaster is very easy. Follow the steps indicated on the web. First, provide the name of the company or brand, then choose the sector to which it belongs and the corporate colors, and finally, choose one of the proposed designs. Once everything is ready, you have to register to download it.

5. Online logo maker

Online logo maker is an online logo creation tool that does not require graphic design skills, and it has a simple and intuitive interface that makes logo creation easy. 

The application offers free low-resolution logo creation. But, it would be best if you considered several aspects when using the logos created for free with an online logo maker. Low-resolution free logos cannot be printed on business cards, t-shirts, or for similar uses. Likewise, you will not be able to use the logo for commercial uses either. If you want to have all the control and rights over the logos you create with this tool, you must purchase a premium logo.


The creation of logos is not an easy task. Determining the types of fonts, colors, icons, and forms that should be incorporated into your design can be quite complicated. With the five programs to create free logos that we have presented on the blog, you can design fantastic logos that attract your audience’s attention. Having a well-designed logo will help you better express your brand’s personality and give you a distinctive touch from the competition. 

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