10 Online Event Solutions to Get Your Virtual Event Game Right

We have entered an era of virtual events and everyone is hosting events virtually. Therefore, it is high time to get your virtual event game right. Selecting the right virtual event can have a significant impact on your virtual event. This article will provide you with detailed information about 6 virtual event platforms for your needs. 


If you are planning to run a virtual event and want to customize your event, Mixhubb is the best choice for you. Mixhubb is a DIY online event solution that enables you to create your event yourself and customize various aspects of the event. One of the most significant advantages of Mixhubb is that is super economical and lets you host a large scale virtual event at a nominal cost.

Moreover, the platform uses 3D animation to provide a physical-like event experience. With Mixhubb, you can host an unlimited number of attendees. It provides a 3D event experience and all the advanced features like customization, security, live support, on-demand streaming support, AI matchmaking etc. Here are its popular features –


In a one-of-its-kind attempt, this platform has come up with a feature that allows you to go backstage and plan your event anonymously. In other words, while you are backstage, the attendees cannot see or hear you and you can easily plan and rehearse. You can also call other speakers backstage, remove them or push them to the front stage too. 

AI matchmaking 

AI matchmaking is a new-age tool that uses artificial intelligence to match the attendees with the relevant people and provide them with connection recommendations. This is done on the basis of the common interests and goals of the attendees. This helps save the precious time of the attendees and help them use their time productively. 


It is a DIY platform that lets you create your virtual event in your own way and add the elements of your choice. The customization feature provides you with more opportunities for personalized branding. You can customize the design, colour, shape and size of your virtual event. You can also add your brand logo to the event. 

Multiple Auditoriums

With Mixhubb, you can create multiple auditoriums and run meetings or conferences on different topics at the same time. In addition to this, you can further promote interaction between the attendees by setting up multiple networking tables. These networking tables can mobilize the attendees having similar interests and foster focused communication between them. 

Easy Setup

While a DIY platform might sound like a lot of work, it is not. You can set up your virtual event in just 15 minutes. Mixhubb platform is very easy to understand and use. Therefore, you can consider setting up your virtual event in less than 15 minutes. 

24×7 Support

This platform provides live event support throughout the event. It gives you a technical team ready to provide support both during and after the event. In case of any technical glitch, you can rely on the 24×7 support to fix everything quickly.  


Samaaro is popular for its ability to support mid-scale virtual events. It is an online event software that provides efficient and effective event analytics and reporting. This feature lets the organizers measure event data during the event.

They do not have to wait for the event to end to gather actionable insights from the event. Moreover, it promises to keep your data confidential with its security features. It is a 3D platform and has innovative engagement and networking features to boost interaction. 


Xporium is also a good 3D virtual event solution that helps you provide your attendees with a realistic event experience. The platform lets you run both small scale and large scale events. It is an easy to use virtual event solution but lacks advanced features like security, AI matchmaking etc.

You can successfully host town halls, corporate meetings, webinars, exhibitions, expos, tradeshows, career fairs, conferences and AGMs. The platform also provides networking features like live chat, live polls, Q&A sessions, and gamification to increase interaction among the attendees. Moreover, it is a customizable platform that lets you customize your online booths. 


Expoburg is an industrial exhibitions platform that allows the organizers to host industry specific expos and exhibitions like an auto expo. It provides features like document download and business card exchange. the exhibitors can display or present their products to the attendees in real-time. The attendees can chat with the booth owners and ask their questions about the product.

Expoburg platform also provides the organizers with pre-promotion of the event. Even though it lacks advanced features like AI matchmaking tools, security, engagement and networking, it is still a good option if you are planning a simple and small-scale event. It is an easily scalable platform that is simple to use and provides features like business card exchange and networking tables. 

Blues N Coppers

It is an online virtual event platform that provides 360-degree product demonstrations. This platform is a good choice for running a successful product launch event. This platform can be easily accessed by the attendees and does not require any complex technical setup. However, it lacks new-age features like attendee access control, AI tools, and live support. 


Untradedfair is software that facilitates the hosting of online expos and exhibitions. It brings the physical shopping experience online and integrates it with the virtual platform. The attendees can simply click on the virtual booth and view the products and services displayed there and place direct orders.

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The platform is also user-friendly and has seamless navigation. However, this is a 2D platform and does not provide a 3D attendee experience. Furthermore, the platform does not have any live chat features. However, it is a brilliant platform for hosting small scale expos within a small budget. 

Summing Up

The list of online event solutions provided above is not comprehensive and there are a lot of other platforms to choose from. But, this article must have helped you get an idea of the type of virtual event platforms available. 

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