The publishing process for your book should be as brilliant as your words

Publishing a Book

Publishing your book can be a difficult part of telling your story. We’ll walk you through the entire process of creating a beautifully designed and published book that will be available in print and digital formats. Book writing Services.

The publishing process for your book should be as brilliant as your words.

There are many steps involved in packaging and publishing a book. We’ll guide you through the entire process, resulting in a stunning, custom-designed published book available in print and digital formats.

The Cover of Your Published Book

The design process is the first step in the book publishing process. We will discuss any ideas you may have had along the way, our design team will review portions of your manuscript, and we will provide several custom concepts for you to review as a team, culminating in a cover you will be proud to display.

Your Published Book’s Interior Design

Professional book publishing causes a high level of typesetting and design from cover to cover. Nothing is an afterthought, whether your book is a memoir, a business book, a workbook, a graphic novel, a children’s illustrated book, or involves complex math typesetting.

Publishing a Digital Book

Do you want your book to be published in digital format for tablet readers, but with a personal touch? Our book publishing team treats all of our books with care, even those that turn pages with a touch rather than a lift. If you are only interested in design services, we will end our journey here and provide you with print-ready files.

Book Publishing and Beyond ISBNs, copyright submission in your name, and Library of Congress registration

After the layout, they made the final proofreading pass. We made a physical proof copy before publication.

Publication under one of RTC’s imprints, with a worldwide distribution in print and digital formats—everything is taken care of for you!

Net proceeds are subject to a 50% royalty.

Author copies are available at a discount of 50% off the retail price, with shipping to you or directly to events.

Writing and Publishing a Book

Round Table Companies assists CEOs, thought leaders, and individuals in writing the book they were born to write. Our approach to creating your book is a one-of-a-kind experience, with options ranging from working with an entire creative team to one-on-one collaboration with just the right support from a writer, editor, or illustrator.

Editing Services for Books

When writing your book, you may require help with your manuscript, an analysis of your writing, or the services of a book editor. An editor from Round Table Companies can assist you in turning your manuscript into a book.

How Do I Make a Book Out of My Manuscript?

Why Should You Hire a Book Editor?

A book editor is essential for transforming your manuscript into a book. Every one of our editors at RTC is curious, caring, and collaborative to meet your needs and ensure we share your story in the most exceptional way possible, guided by our standard of brilliance.

Getting Going

We are proud and honored that you have entrusted us with the refinement of your story. In order to match you with an editor, our client service team gets to know you. You and your editor will discuss your story, goals, and intentions during your first meeting. That will serve as a guide for your new collaboration as you complete your story and elevate your narrative in new ways.

What Happens Following the Analysis?

You will have an important discussion about the next steps when you meet with your Round Table Companies editor to go over the analysis. There may be parts of your manuscript that need to be revised or parts of the narrative that need to be rewritten.

You and your editor will discuss the best method for completing your final manuscript. We can proceed to the next steps in the book publishing process when you are ready. For further details visit our website ” Book Writing Services “.

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