The Best Advisable Internet Solutions for Remote Working

After the pandemic, the change in the working policies has significantly affected how people work. And now many businesses offer remote vacancies and the facility to work from home. This means more time for people to spend with their families and achieving a work-life balance.   

For remote working, a dependable internet is necessary to complete a day’s tasks. So, the first thing anyone should do is contact an ISP. For instance, contact Spectrum customer support or that of some other provider in your area to ask about service and packages. To help you stay connected on the go, here are some things to consider when choosing an internet companion.  

Internet Speeds for Remote Working  

When you leave the office environment and start working from home, the first thing to consider is the internet speed. Working and staying accessible online is crucial when you are a remote member of a team. And when your workstation is paired with choppy internet, it does not affect the progress but also can be very frustrating for you and your team members. So, you should know what speeds you need to work without any unwanted troubles.   

Consider the following factors to choose an internet service provider:   

Downloading and Uploading Speeds  

Uploading and downloading speeds of your connection should be solid to work from home without any unwanted hindrance. If you are unaware of the speeds you are getting, an easy way to check them is to visit a speed testing application like or These free speed test applications show you downloading, uploading, and network ping. Generally, uploading speeds are 1/10th of the downloading speeds.   

High downloading speeds help you download system updates, browse the internet, and receive messages. Whereas uploading speeds make sending emails and big files easy. Also, good uploading speeds translate to a smoother experience in video calls and presentations. So, if you don’t have good downloading and uploading speeds, it is best to go for a higher tier of service from your ISP.   

Number and Type of Connected Devices   

Another thing to consider is the number of devices connected to your connection. If you are living with your family or roommates and sharing your internet, the number of devices is significantly higher. With more users, the bandwidth is divided and it affects the overall experience.   

Apart from the number of devices, the type of device and usage can affect the internet experience too. For example, if someone is downloading a season on Netflix or downloading a game update, it can make decent internet speeds laggy. So, do consider the other users on your network. Let your ISP know about the number of users and the type of usage so they can suggest you the right speeds.  

Also, you can ask your provider about the router with the option of device prioritization. Such routers get you better bandwidth even when multiple users are connected to a connection.   

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots 

If you are a frequent traveler, it is best to have a secondary portable internet device with you. Such a secondary internet can come in handy on a number of occasions. For example, you can work from a park, a coffee shop, or any other place of your choice. It is advisable to not use public Wi-Fi connections as they are not secure. So, using them for work is making your device with all the data in it vulnerable to attacks.   

It is highly advisable to get yourself a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. These devices are usually small. So, you can easily put them in your laptop bag or even your pocket. You can easily connect to these devices whenever you want to. You will have to buy a separate SIM card to use with your hotspot device. You can easily buy one online. But before you do, make sure that you get one with a generous data limit and solid packages. This way, the expense of your Wi-Fi hotspot will be in a more affordable range.   

Another thing you can do to connect to a Wi-Fi network when you don’t have a Wi-Fi hotspot is to use your phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot feature. You can connect your laptop or other devices and use them to attend a meeting or do other important tasks. However, do know that doing so can drain your data and battery quickly. Plus, there is a chance of overheating your mobile. Thus, it is highly advisable to use your mobile as a Wi-Fi hotspot only when it is an emergency.   


So, what you need to do is to get the right internet speed considering the number of users and type of devices. Also, be doubly sure with a portable Wi-Fi hotspot to work from places other than home.   

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