Which Treatment is The Best: Kybella Vs Coolsculpting For Chin?

Extra fat underneath the skin is really bothersome as it can affect your facial beauty. Moreover, it could affect your jawline adversely by making it jagged. Well, chin fat is also known as submental fat when a layer of chubby cells develops under the chin. It is mainly associated with obesity or weight gain. But, you can even experience this fat without having such signs.

Skin loosening due to age can also cause a double chin among many folks. However, despite the fat size under the chin, you can address this issue permanently. There are 2 popular cosmetic treatments available named Kybella and coolsculpting. But, it entirely depends on you to choose one as per your preferences.

How do Kybella and coolsculpting work for double chin?

You can clearly make an informed decision once you know well that how these treatments work. You are fortunate enough to know that both treatments are non-surgical. Unlike lipo, you do not need to undergo any surgical procedures using anaesthesia and medications, etc. These both are non-invasive treatments that work drastically to melt and eliminate the submental fullness.

Kybella: It is clinically referred to as deoxycholic acid that can effectively work to melt the dietary fat. It is a natural compound that is found in human beings. Though, an injection is used to inject this acid into the fat cells beneath the chin. After you have been injected, the acid will target the fat cells and destroy them. The fat will be eliminated from your body through the natural process.


Have you ever heard that cold temperature could melt the fat to eliminate it from the body? You might hear that drinking warm water is effective for fat burning. But, here the scenario is different. The fat will be eliminated through freezing technology.

Yes, coolsculpting is a name that is derived due to the nature of the treatment. It could sculpt your body with cooling. The device works to freeze the fat cells beneath your chin. They will get a cold temperature that causes them to kill and leave the skin and other tissues. Once, the cells are killed they will eliminate from your body naturally.

However, these both treatments might be different from each other but aim to provide you with permanent removal of fat cells. You can experience the results after the procedures are attempted on your body. It might take a time of 3 months approximately to experience the full visible results. However, if the amount of fat stored in your chin is greater, you may have to repeat the sessions for both treatments.

Kybella vs coolsculpting for chin: The Differences

The treatment

Kybella is executed through a series of injections to target the stubborn fat beneath the chin. The cosmetic surgeon will apply a numbing cream prior to the procedure for minimizing discomfort. Coolsculpting does not involve any needles as it is administered using the suction device. The device is used by the expert with controlled cooling and lasts for 40 minutes. The service provider might apply a gel pad to reduce the feel of cooling to you.

Repeat sessions

Well, if you see coolsculpting, it might require a single session. But, in some cases, you might require another session after an interval of at least 4 weeks. Whereas, Kybella might require up to 4 to 6 sessions to work adequately for delivering fuller results.

The cost per session

When it comes to pricing comparison for both the treatments it might differ slightly. As per the American Board of Surgery, the average price of Kybella for a double chin is 1300 $. The cost of coolsculpting for a double chin is 1000 $ per session on average. However, these are only estimated costs but the actual prices can vary as per the specific requirements for treating the areas. The number of sessions required can also add more to the total cost.

Skin elasticity

As per experts, the Kybella procedure is not much effective than coolsculpting for improving skin laxity. This problem can occur due to sagging of the skin with natural ageing for regrowth. However, losing massive weight can also make your skin saggy that can be addressed with coolsculpting as well.


When it comes to knowing the side effects of Kybella, they are mainly bruising, swelling, and pain. However, it depends on person to person about which side effects they develop the most. But, these symptoms may remain for 2 to 4 weeks and can cause discomfort to the neck.

Coolsculpting has minimal side effects that will only remain for a few days after getting the treatment. It is also known as cool mini so the side effects are also small. Redness followed by this treatment can fade away after an hour from the treatment. Pain could last maximally for 1 day, and swelling can also fade away after a few days and will be mild.

However, it is advised to consult with your cosmetic specialist to make a wise decision for choosing a good treatment. A surgeon can make the confusion clear appropriately by recommending you the most suitable treatment. You can get rid of the fat from the chin to make your jawline smooth and to get a sharper look on your face.

To Wind Up

Hope that difference between Kybella vs coolsculpting for chin has abolished your confusion to a significant extent. So, you can make a wise decision to improve your aesthetic looks. Always get the service from a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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