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Starting a business sounds like a mountain climb for most of us. Startup ideas for Business need to be worth your money, time and most of all you should have a craving for that achievement. I say craving because only choosing a profitable business is not enough. You should love what you do to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Businesses rely on many factors like a basic plan, upfront cost, strategies, time to invest and many more. Not all can start a business by investing crores. So I have listed business ideas for beginners or anyone who wants to start a business along with their busy schedule. 

1. Sell digital products or courses

Digital products like courses and templates are unique and trending business ideas. Unlike other businesses, there is no shipping or warehouse expenditure. You can sell them online by doing marketing. 

Do you need to understand what makes a good digital product? Will it be useful for people and will they invest in them? 

Research your industry to get a clear idea of what kind of digital products you need to create that solves your audience problem. You can conduct research via PESTEL Analysis. 

You may be a content writer. You can create products like a 30 days content plan or social media calendar for busy marketers or fellow writers. You may be a web developer. You can create short courses like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc for beginners. 

You do not need lakhs and crores of investment. For marketing and to create digital products you may have to buy a few tools.  

Shopify provides free digital downloads apps that enable you to offer digital products in your store as easy as physical products.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is the only job that does not have any time, location restrictions. You can work from anywhere, anytime. As a freelancer, you can take work as a content writer, graphic designer, web developer, digital marketer and many more. You just need one skill to rule the freelancing world. There are many courses available according to your interest, master them and get paid. 

Be choosy while selecting skills because if you learn skills that are not on demand you end up getting disappointed.

Some of the trending and high paying skills are: 

  • Content writing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Virtual assistants 
  • Graphic designing 

There are many freelance websites where you can bid and get projects. But they are time-consuming and have no guarantee you get consistent projects. 

Check out job portals like Indeed and Linkedin. There are good opportunities for freelancers. Also, it eases the process of getting clients. You can also leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are groups and people who individually post if they need freelancers.

3. Life/Career Coach

Coach is a life changer profession for professional and personal life. If you love suggesting people and making their life better with your suggestions then Coach would be the best fit for you. You do not have many expenses. But before you start taking this as a profession, it is better to take training that helps you understand and get deeper knowledge.  

Technical businesses need the practice to start but in this profession, you need analytical thinking. You can not guide anyone without you being skilled. 

Here are some resources for coaching training:

  • Mindler
  • The Balance career
  • Coach Transformation

 4. E-Commerce Business

E-commerce can be the best startup idea for a business. You can begin an e-commerce business where you sell products that your buyer loves to purchase. You can start by offering products on your eCommerce website and making them available on websites and apps. It works the same as Amazon. 

E-commerce business is trending and growing like never before. As you know in business there are only two types, one service-oriented business and one more product-oriented. 

E-commerce is the most product-oriented business. Here you display all the products you want to sell once buyers land on your site/app they purchase according to their likes. Almost 70% of retailers are already making use of E-commerce platforms to increase their sales. 

If you have zero ideas about e-commerce sites you can use Shopify that makes your process easier. 


Setting up a business is a dream for many of us. Starting a business without ground-level knowledge can smash your money and time. So before starting a business ensure you have an interest in it. Also financially it fits your budget. The above ideas are for those who want to settle soon with less investment. 

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