How Can Patients Follow Instructions For Medical Marijuana In West Virginia?

Before you begin to use medical marijuana in West Virginia, you need to know some West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions. The instructions will help you go through the application process for the medical marijuana card quickly.

You will be required to follow a specific step to ensure that you get the medical marijuana card. After then, you will be able to purchase medical cannabis in any dispensaries available in West Virginia. 

The instructions will help you apply for the card and start using it for the marijuana purchase. But, first, let us see the steps you will have to follow.

West Virginia New and Renewal Patients Steps

The West Virginia Medical Marijuana office employs an online licensing method that needs access to the internet connection. Therefore, you will use a desktop, computer, or laptop to complete your registration and applications. When doing this, ensure that you are using Chrome as your browser.

When you use browsers other than Chrome, you may not get the best users experience. This is why it is always advisable to use google chrome during your application process. Let us now go through the process of applying for the card.

The procedure of application for the medical marijuana card in West Virginia

The West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions states that you need to follow the steps below for the registration process.

1. Tap on the link for patients’ registration to sign in.

2. Tap on the right corner of the skin to start your registration process.

3. Give out your registration details on the form.

4. You will receive a link after submitting your registration form to ensure that your valid account.

5. You then need to log in to the complia. You will be required to give out your email address if you have forgotten your password.

6. Tap on the new patients’ registration application tab.

7. You will then be required to complete the application as soon as it has been given out. The application tabs have data fields, documents submission, and questions.

8. If you want to keep your data in every tab, you need to tap on the save and then next. 

9. When you are at the condition or physician tab, you will be required to:

  • Input the West Virginia Medical Marijuana program physician registration number.
  • Give the condition the same way as it appears on the certification form. The application will fail if there is any inconsistency.

Documentation required for the West Virginia Medical Marijuana card Application

You will have to possess various documents to access the application process. Such include:

i)A digital-quality photo of the passport. You may view Appendix A to help with the picture. 

  • The ID photo is like the driving license’ copy.
  • A proof that you are a West Virginia’s resident. 

ii) You then need to tap on the proof document.

iii) Tap on West Virginia’s proof of residency document.

iv) You need to provide a complete copy of the patients’ certification form that the physician gave you.

You will get a notification that you need to pay some fee if you have not qualified for a release. v) If you want to get a waiver fee on the financial hardship, you need to provide acceptable income proof with an eligibility advantage. You should not send any money if you need a fee waiver. 

vi) If you can’t complete the application in a single attempt, you need to ensure that you tap on the save. It will make your information available even when you get back to the application. However, you don’t need to create an account when you return to the Complia. Instead, you will tap on the application and then choose yours. 

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vi) When you complete your CBD application, you need to go to the review page and tap on it to verify that you have been given complete items. When there is any red Xs, you need to get back to the application page, complete the missing things, and save the changes.

vii) After you have completed all the application details, you need to tap on submit. You will then receive a confirmation message on the screen with the application ID number.

How to pay for the West Virginia Medical Marijuana card

Besides following the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions,  you will be required to pay for a specific amount of money to succeed in your application. However, you can always use a mail payment process involving a money order or a check payable to the West Virginia DHHR. 

You must include the patients’ name and the application ID on the cheque or money order memo line. All these take place through the West Virginia office of medical cannabis.

  • You will receive the results of your application in your email after it has been reviewed. If your application has been denied, you need to try, fix the issue and then resubmit it again. 
  • You need to wait for thirty days after you have received your application and payment results before checking on how the application process is going on.
  • Registration does not give you a chance to access medical marijuana products. However, the patients’ card will only be helpful in West Virginia. It will also offer legal protection for goods and services received outside of the Virginia medical marijuana system.

Final words

You have fully benefited from our article if you wanted to know the West Virginia Medical Marijuana Patient Instructions. The article has a complete guide on the instructions, including the documentation you need during the medical marijuana card application process.

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