What if we use Recycled Rubber Tiles for the Roof? 

Moreover the recycled rubber tiles were developed by the Córdoba Economic Housing Experimental Center ( CEVE , CONICET – AVE ),. And the project was the winner of the international Recircle Awards , in the category of Best Recycled Product Derived from Tires. However the award recognizes sustainable innovation in products and production, management. And service processes in the tire retreading and recycling industries. Read More:

Moreover the raw material used to manufacture the tiles comes from recycled waste. “When the houses are demolished. However the tiles can reuse on the roofs of other constructions, since they do not suffer deterioration due to falls or transfer. They can also crushed again to make new tiles or other products ”, explains architect María Paz Sánchez Amono , PhD in engineering. And postdoctoral fellow in the New Materials Area of CEVE .

Howover the ecological tiles measure 23 x 40 centimeters. And are manufactured using a combined process of extrusion. And compaction molding and provide a sustainable technological solution for roof coverage. “Extrusion is an industrial process of melting and molding a mixture. Then this mixture is placed in a matrix (mold) and compacted ”, says María Paz .

Moreover the award research team is led by Dr. Rosana Gaggino from CEVE , CONICET – AVE. And is accompanied by Dr. Jerónimo Kreiker , postdoctoral fellow Dr. María Paz Sánchez Amono , DrRicardo Argüello , all of them from CEVE , CONICET – AVE . And Dr. María Positieri and engineer Carlos Baronetto , both from CINTEMAC , dependent on the Córdoba Regional Technological University .

Hail resistant, lightweight and environmentally friendly

Moreover among the main advantage of the constructive component of this innovative technology. With respect to other traditional ceramic and concrete, its excellent resistance to hail and bending stand out. “It is lighter, require less water absorption in its manufacturing process. And is easy to assemble on the traditional wooden structure”, the researcher list.

Moreover this construction system is adaptable to the wooden structure. Where French-type ceramic tiles are placed. However this facilitate labor and can done by carpenters. Whoever place tiles. With traditional technology. In addition, the ecological tile allow a correct runoff of rainwater.

And have a suitable fit between the piece, which facilitate a correct trimming of the edge. Regarding environmental advantage, the specialist mentions. Moreover the contribution to the problem of the final disposal of end-of-life tires and discarded plastics.

lightweight and environmentally friendly rubber tiles

Moreover the purchase of the raw material to make the ecological tiles comes from companie. That work with crushed rubber and plastic waste. Recycle rubber tiles cost similar to French glazed ceramic tile.

However the awarded researchers have had a construction prototype. With this sustainable technology since 2016 and are working to achieve scalability of the production process. “Thanks to the Recircle Awards , the project gained worldwide visibility. And it would be very interesting if it could carried out through the transfer process to a municipality or private company,” added María Paz .

However the ecological tiles already have a patent from the INPI (Institute of Intellectual Property). Whose owner is CONICET , the Economic Housing Association. And the National Technological University . And he has already obtained. The Certificate of Technical Aptitude (CAT) issue the National Housing Secretariat , for whose processing. The CEVE built a housing prototype with the roof made with these tiles.

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