What Should You Avoid Before Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

The buccal fat pad is the round-shaped muscles that take place at both buccal cavities. It causes the round face or babyface. The biggest problem is, it will cause you an unattractive look along with aging problems. Sometimes it becomes the reason for less confidence.

Science has been progressed a lot. You don’t have to wait months and months to reduce your buccal fat. The natural ways of losing buccal fat are very tough as lots of instructions need to be followed. Liposuction and Bichectomy are the two best Buccal Fat Removal surgeries nowadays.

You can have a faster solution. However, the number of precautions is huge. We’ll talk about what you should avoid before having a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery.

What Not to Do before a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

For sake of convenience, let’s first divide the Buccal Fat Removal precautions into two categories. The first is in case of diseases and the second is general instructions. Let’s have a look at what to avoid.

1. Parry Romberg Syndrome

The Parry Romberg syndrome can be very dangerous to you if you don’t check it before having buccal fat removal surgeries. The disease is genetically contaminated. It is also known as progressive hemifacial atrophy. This disease generally appears in old ages.

This disease tends to shrink your facial muscles. As the patient grows older, the facial muscles start to become loose. The shrinking nature of the skin will squeeze down as you’ll grow. It generally affects only one side of the face. It may make your face very tight.

Now, the question is why you should avoid the buccal fat removal test if Party Romberg syndrome is in your body? Because while the skin will start to shrink, the buccal fat pads at the cavities will put some resisting force. It can help your face to maintain a good shape even though you have the disease.

That’s why we’ll recommend you to have a thorough check-up whether you have Parry Romberg Syndrome or not. In case you have, you should immediately discuss it with your surgeon. Surely, the surgeon will give you the advice for the next step.

2. The Age Factors

Probably, you heard about the fact that every action has a similar and opposite reaction. Just like, if there is positive, negative should be there too. That same happens with our bodies. Oxygen is a crucial element for all living organisms. However, oxygen is the reason why we grow older. To prevent this, antioxidant elements are there in our bodies. It helps us to not look older.

The main fact is, the antioxidant helps the facial muscles to be tightened. The buccal fat removal procedure can be done on your face if and only if your facial muscles have the power to get tightened again. If those are loose, there will be no benefit of having a buccal fat removal surgery.

That’s why we are asking you to consult your doctor regarding your age before having surgery. Another benefit is, if you are younger the healing time will be shorter. Generally, up to 35 years, you can have a safe surgery.

3. Taking Additional Medicines

Everybody has a different story. Some are taking painkillers and some are having tablets to reduce blood pressure. Just like that, patients are having high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and others. That’s why they are bound to take aspirin, pressure control tablets, and analgesics. These can catalyze opposite reactions to health. We’ll recommend you avoid taking these tablets one week before the surgery. Even you can take those after the surgery only if the doctor recommends you.

4. Thin Skin Problems

If you have thin skin problems, you should avoid this surgery. Why? Because those who have thin skin, have a high tendency of getting shrunken skin. At later ages, it causes extreme skinning problems. If you remove the buccal fat pads, in near future, you can face problems. That’s why you should have a check-up whether your face is ready for the surgery or not. Because apparently, no one can understand whether the skin is thin or thick.

Final Words

The discussion we have had so far on the topic is very important. Your whole success rate depends on these precautions. Apart from having this knowledge, you should consult with your doctor too. You have to express everything you want from the surgery.

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In most cases, the success rate is very high on these surgeries. With modern technologies, everything has become easy. So, don’t get panicked. Have a good check-up, verify the reports and get the surgery. We hope you’ll get the dream face cut, you wished for.

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