Choose Your Interior Decoration And Your Home – 2022

In recent times we have lived in a time where everything is customizable. For everything from the interior design of a home, to the jar we keep of our most loved spread. The trend is to personalize items! Then we decide to call the item DIY (Do It Yourself). This style is evident throughout our lives. Particularly, on how we design our interior decoration.

If you’re feeling at ease in your home this is due in part to the interior decoration of your home. In creating a space that you are comfortable in and is a good fit for you your style. The décor of your house will reflect your personal style.

The best method to decorate your home is to make. It look appealing in accordance with your preferences or desires and design.

The decor of our home is different for every one of us. Although our style is identical, we each have our own personal preferences.

Each every year the trends in interior decoration shift. From contemporary style to bohemian, which includes Scandinavian or Art Deco, our interior decor will never be the same.

Scandinavian interior decoration

The latest trend in fashion has been that of the Scandinavian style. This is not just a decoration for the interior it is the most important thing to consider is an artistic way of life. Which comes directly from the Nordic nations.

Simple, neat and vibrant Simple, simple and vibrant, the Scandinavian style is primarily an efficient style. The Nordic style furniture is flexible and focuses on storage. But, displaying your meals or books on attractive wooden shelves is an essential element in the Scandinavian style. It is important to keep your clutter in order.

The colors of Scandinavian interior decor are transparent. The pastel and white tones are at the forefront.

Ethnic interior decoration

When it comes to interior decoration there is also an ethnic design. In comparison to the bohemian-chic style, the main feature of a ethnic decoration is the opulence in the material. Natural and ethical The most top choices are wooden, Berber rugs, leather. And all sorts that are made from plant fibers. Travel is a prominent element of this style of decorating. It can be represented as the world map, a terrestrial globe, or tiny objects discovered across the globe. This design allows you to emphasize the authenticity of your travel experience.

To ensure a distinctly ethnic interior Choose warm tones geometric patterns, but make sure to choose hand-crafted pieces and shapes that are irregular.

Bohemian interior decoration

If the bohemian fashion is similar to the traditional style. It’s mainly due to the natural materials utilized and the cozy ambience. The most important criterion for boho-chic interior decor is the color. Colors that are orange, red, pink and yellow warm hues are most well-liked for this type of decor.

Always with a sense of travel, bohemian style of decoration is mixing of different genres along. With the gathering of smaller things. Copper is also an important ornamental element in the bohemian style. For a mirror, gorgeous candlesticks, or even table legs copper provides a chic and contemporary look to bohemian design.

Design interior decoration

In contrast to the bohemian or the ethnic fashion and the style of design style, sometimes referred to as contemporary, is focused on simple, clean and contemporary lines. Interior decoration follows the rules of the minimalist. The golden rule is: focus on the essentials. The most popular materials are glass, chrome steel, chrome, and anything that’s lacquered. The volumes are highlighted with vibrant colors, patterns. Elegant shapes, but also through optimal lighting. It is not part of designs, therefore storage furniture should be a priority.

Industrial interior decoration

Its industrial design, however, is based on natural and authentic materials like concrete that has been waxed bricks, bricks, or steel. Furniture is a key element industrial interiors favor factories furniture like steel chairs or tables for architects, the cloakroom of a factory. The leather material is an essential component in this type of decoration.

A stunning camel-colored, aged leather sofa is perfect for a living room that is industrial. In addition, this kind of decor plays well with lighting. By leaving the red electrical cord of the lamp in view as well as the light bulb’s filaments bulbs are part of the industrial look.

Vintage interior decoration

The classic style is more popular than many people imagine. The furniture it is based on the 1950s-1970s and is back at the forefront. For a retro interior you will find sideboards made of oak with Compass legs, a leather Club sofa. And an armchair in blue velvet, as well as the well-known Formica tables. The colors of orange, green and blue shine. The geometric shapes are quite striking. They’re usually seen on wallpaper. However, they can also be found on cushions or curtain.

Art Deco interior decoration

The bling-bling part of the vintage style can be evident with the Art Deco style. It’s a subtle mix of fashion and retro. However, numerous pattern and graphic print are linked. With colors like yellow, blue or green. The most important aspect that defines. The Art Deco style is gold-colored gilding. It is often found in mirrors, shelves, and even in lighting. Marble is an essential component of Art Deco interior decorations. It’s a style with distinctive character and has a play on cold and hot specifically with the material.

Jungle interior decoration

For a bit of exoticism, an exotic feel, go for the style of the jungle is the latest exteriors of our interiors. To create a jungle-themed interior materials like bamboo, wicker, and Rattan are the best choices. The colors that are highlighted in this design are shades of blue, deep green as well as mustard yellow. In addition, the plants and foliage patterns are necessary to create the desired exotic feel. For the flooring be sure to choose parquet.

Interior decoration inspired by the sea

If you’re than a person who dreams of the ocean’s scent or listen to the sounds of the ocean in the shell’s hollow. It is the seasidestyle interior decor is designed specifically for you! With a design such as this, lighting isn’t to be overlooked. It is the main aspect of the seaside ambience. The colors are bright and a little bit of blue. Weathered, drifted or solid wood, so long as it’s clear and uncolored, is crucial. Our fabrics are made of select linen is a lightweight material that allows light to move through.

The interior design of a house for a family

The most cozy interior design of all decor styles is the elegance and family-friendly style. Natural and elegant the style highlights cotton, woods, and linen. The main feature of this charming look is the simple white dresser that has an edgy style. In the living room you will see couches with curvaceous lines and soft tones, as well as an Bergere armchair with linen in ecru. For decoration it is possible to add a gorgeous Louis-Philippe mirror that is silver, gold, or white.

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