Find the Top 5 Advantages of Crypto Gaming with Coins

The gaming industry has considerably evolved with the coming of Crypto games in the past few decades. Traditional games have fundamentally been about entertainment. However, playing crypto games has the added advantage of earning real money in form of crypto coins. Players can buy assets while playing these crypto games. These assets have the potential to increase in value with time.  Every time you buy a game asset, it indirectly increases the value of the game economy. Axie Infinity, Proxracing, and Rushraids are all crypto games that allow players to easily make in-game purchases and earn money by using virtual products to achieve in-game objectives.  

A typical example is Rushraids, a homegrown crypto game. This multiplayer RPG action gives users the ability to leverage the power of cryptocurrency (virtuacoin) to earn money through playing.

Let’s look at the advantages of crypto gaming and coins.
Play Crypto Games Anywhere

Crypto games can be played anytime while you are anywhere in the world and you’ll easily be able to make easy in-game purchases. So, with the coming of crypto gaming, ‘earn to play’ is changed into ‘play to earn’. There are lots of crypto games out there you can play to earn top crypto coins in your online wallet. There is no science behind it, and you do not need a setup. You can simply choose a game of your interest and start earning crypto gaming coins in your spare time. 

Own Your In-game Assets 

When playing blockchain games, the players own their assets unlike in other online games. Crypto games allow users to use smart contracts which makes the process transparent allowing them to govern transactions themselves and view the rules. The in-game assets bought by the players through smart contracts are transferred to their public addresses. On the other hand, in traditional games, the developers always retain the assets.

Secure Payment Getaway

With the coming of crypto games, the need for secure payment systems is on the rise. Crypto wallets prevent illegal transactions of your digital assets. Unlike traditional payment methods, you do not need to share your email, identity, or contact details to make payments or in-game purchases. Since there is a secure payment getaway, gamers can easily withdraw funds from anywhere without restrictions. 

Fast and Flexible Transactions

As not all companies have extensive authentication and fast and flexible methods for transactions, crypto wallets come to the rescue. Crypto gaming allows you to do quick payments as there is no need for third-party involvement like banks or credit companies. Additionally, no chargeback issues are associated with credit cards.  

More Field of Control Between the Players and the Creators

The games that are developed on blockchain networks, allow all the connected computers the same amount of information across the crypto gaming platform. This increases the playing field of control between the players and the creators.


Crypto gaming has definitely revolutionized the gaming model for gamers. The rewards and assets earned by players while playing crypto games can be used across various crypto gaming projects. All the items acquired by the user while playing a game are owned by them. In this way, crypto gaming opens the world of opportunities for gamers who can generate revenue in form of rewards and crypto coins by participating in tournaments and performing quests, etc.

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