The Best NIQUEA.D Holiday Boxed Cards

In 2010, Dominique Wade launched her high-end greeting Boxed cards line called NIQUEA.D. These cards command a small premium over normal cards. Some of them are adorned with Swarovski crystals, ribbon, or a fabric base, and the price range starts at $20 or more. These cards all have a wax seal, making them a beautiful option for gifting. It’s an excellent choice for special occasions.

A Luxury Brand

It provides handmade and thoughtfully designed greeting cards. Each card is made of high-quality materials. All of the products are shipped in branded envelopes, which are decorated with unique designs. Many of the cards are also sold in a set, so you can gift them to loved ones with a variety of options. Each set of four is a unique design, and each card contains four envelopes, ensuring that your gift will be perfectly wrapped.

NIQUEA.D products are carefully designed and feature high-quality materials. The envelopes are also high-quality, with a speciality gold faux-wax seal. You can also purchase personalized gift wrappings in a matching box. The gift wrapping is designed by a team of artists. Each card comes with a matching ribbon. The designs are elegant, and each card comes with a personalised message inside.

An Excellent Gift Idea

These beautifully packaged cards are thoughtfully designed and made of high-quality materials. They feature a texture gold faux-wax envelope seal and lining papers that are designed to complement the design.

All Cards are Unique

Each NIQUEA.D box card contains two envelopes with a matching insert. All cards are unique, which makes them even more special. NIQUEA.D cards are crafted from high-quality materials. The packaging is made of pearlized paper and has a gold faux-wax envelope seal. Each box contains a variety of unique cards that can be used for greeting cards, birthdays, and wedding invitations. You can even find a personalised card to say happy birthday or get well soon with NIQUEA.D!

Quality Box Cards

NIQUEA.D’s premium box cards are designed with high-quality materials and a designer touch. The envelopes are handmade and include a gold faux wax seal. Unlike other cards, they are also flammable. This is an important factor in a card’s price. NIQUEA.D products are made to last. The brand is committed to providing a personalized experience to its customers.

NIQUEA.D’s luxury greeting cards are thoughtfully designed and made of high-quality materials. The designs are unique, and each card has its own stamp. The cards feature a designer’s collection that incorporates textiles, metals, and natural elements. In addition to their beautiful colours, each card also features a premium envelope seal and high-quality lining papers. A gifting experience with NIQUEA.D’s box cards will have a memorable impact on the recipient.

All Cards are Beautiful and Perfect

NIQUEA.D’s greeting cards are thoughtfully designed with attention to detail. The high-quality materials and delicate embellishments are an excellent choice for gift-giving. The boxes come with high-quality, elegantly design envelopes. These boxed cards are perfect for gifts because they are aesthetically beautiful. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at the NIQUEA.D collection.

High & Premium Cards

The brand’s box cards are thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials. Each card comes with an elegant gold faux-wax envelope seal, and all the cards are packaged in high-end box cards and envelopes. These premium products make it easy to send your message to someone special. Whether it’s a personal card or a luxury gift, NIQUEA.D has something for every occasion.

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