How to Become an Ecommerce Website Designer in 2022?

Ecommerce Website Designer 2022

A web designer is the one who designs a website. Note, there is a difference between the web developer and designer. A developer would code the website, but making the site is easy to use, and attractive is the task of an eCommerce website designer. It’s important to remember that being a web designer isn’t … Read more

The Best NIQUEA.D Holiday Boxed Cards

boxed cards

In 2010, Dominique Wade launched her high-end greeting Boxed cards line called NIQUEA.D. These cards command a small premium over normal cards. Some of them are adorned with Swarovski crystals, ribbon, or a fabric base, and the price range starts at $20 or more. These cards all have a wax seal, making them a beautiful … Read more

What is E-commerce?, its Types and Examples


Definition of E-commerce E-commerce or electronic commerce is the activity of selling and purchasing products or services in exchange of money using online platforms. This also pertains to internet commerce where the exchange of goods, services and cash happens via the internet. This technique is widely adapted by most enterprises that have a brick-and-mortar business … Read more

E-commerce Importance to Businesses and Customers

e-commerce importance

Defining e-commerce What’s the e-commerce importance to businesses and customers? The increasing demand in E-commerce platforms is due to the ongoing Covid-19 and dynamic preferences of the market. Major business owners are seeking to establish online stores to get along with what’s effective in marketing services products virtually. This for the sole purpose of reaching … Read more

Enjoy a Basket of organic vegetables: Shop online

organic vegetables

While the demand for organic food continues to rise, many people wonder if going organic is better for their health, the environment, and the economy than going conventional—especially because organic vegetables and fruits are typically more expensive.  Shopping for organic food may appear to some to be an unnecessary cost and overkill, given that we are … Read more