How To Start with Email Marketing Campaigns When You’ve No Clue

Email Marketing

If you’re not hitting your goals look over the different strategies you’ve employed. Review these email marketing strategies to help you make your campaigns more effective. What Is Email Marketing, and How Does It Work? Email addresses were the first thing we had once we had access to computers or phones. What about marketing using … Read more

7 Things To Consider Before Your Next Social Media Campaign

Social Media

Running a social media campaign is not without its risks. If done poorly, your campaign could crush your business before it even takes off, taking months to recover. You need to plan and understand the possible repercussions of each action you plan on taking before letting your campaign go live. Here are seven things marketers … Read more

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Instagram Influencer For Your Campaign

Instagram Influencer

Instagram was still the most widely used social media network for entertainment and marketing at the time. Given Instagram’s average daily user base of 500 million, there is little doubt that brands can utilize this massive audience to increase brand exposure and generate revenue. Because many businesses, large and small, recognize how critical it is … Read more