How Long does it Take to Recover from Acute Kidney Injury?

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is the sudden reduction of the functioning of the kidney. Acute Kidney Injury can be detected through blood tests. If the blood has dropped to one-half, it is the indicator for AKI, i.e Acute Kidney Injury.

Acute kidney injury often gets better in a few days or it may take weeks to let the patient recover. The injury is often caused by stress on the kidney. If you are at risk of getting an acute kidney injury, you can consult your doctor for early treatment. Many cases of acute kidney injury are easily treated. You can consult the doctors at Be Well Hospital. They are trained and well-qualified to provide prestigious care to the patients.

Who can Get an Acute kidney Injury?

Anyone with the underlying symptoms and risk factors can get AKI. Most of the time, acute kidney injury happens in the cases of persons who are sick and are admitted to the hospital. People who are in intensive care units (ICU) are more likely to get affected by the symptoms of AKI. This is because such people are already sick and are combating a weak immune system. Other factors that can increase the risk of acute kidney injury are:

  • Having kidney disease or kidney problem
  • Being age 65 or above
  • High blood pressure
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Having a chronic disease, such as heart disease, liver disease, or diabetes

How is Acute kidney Injury Detected?

Doctors usually rely on blood tests if it is a kidney-related issue. Acute kidney injury possesses no other symptom rather than simply leading to the disease. If it is severed, it can cause symptoms like:

  • A feeling of being unwell
  • Sickness and general health loss
  • The urine comes with a reduced quantity

In certain cases, passing urine with less quantity is not only the test for detecting AKI. It is mainly a blood test that helps to confirm the injury. The motive of the blood test is to check the quality of blood. The test measures the impurity in the blood called creatinine.

If the blood impurity is doubled than usual, it means the kidney function has reduced to half. In such cases, there can be chances of acute kidney injury. Creatinine is the only way to measure the symptoms of the disease. Other factors like urine tests and pain or severe fatigue confirm the severity of acute kidney injury.

How Long will it Take to Get treated?

In certain cases of acute kidney injury, it may take a couple of days to get treated. It may require fluid tests and the use of antibiotics. In other cases, the illness affects the function of the kidney. The rest of the body becomes so vulnerable to the underlying disease that it may take three weeks or even longer.

  • Moreover, the chances of dying with AKI depend on the extremity of the illness. The illness related to kidney injury may be the cause of kidney failure and immediate death. If someone has got the infection and has got antibodies responding to the antibiotics, the complications and dying severity is nearly 1 in 30.
  • If someone has other health issues such as a bad heart and has undergone a critical care unit, the chances become higher. It leads to 1 in 2 dying with the AKI. However, each case is different. You may require to consult the doctor and get to know the risk factors.
  • Recovery of acute kidney injury varies from person to person. It further depends on what caused the injury, how severe the AKI is, and what happened to the kidney.
  • If there is not any underlying disease, the kidney may go completely back to normal. But, if the kidneys are not normal, then you may not be able to approach complete recovery. A few people may need dialysis. For others, there is just a blood test that doesn’t go to the starting point. There can be chances that people with such injury may also not feel any change in their bodies.
  • AKI, like any other disease, will make you feel weak from the inside. It can take some time to get back to strength. If someone has developed difficulty in walking due to acute kidney injury, this may take a period to recover. There can also occur the chances of getting admitted into a rehabilitation center. There are many specialists providing rehabilitation services where people are treated like home.

Because AKI happens suddenly, it becomes hard to detect the injury. However, taking good care of your health can be a sign of a healthy kidney. It may help to prevent acute kidney injury with underlying factors. Following are the general rules that can help you with such issues:

  • Work with your doctor in case you have diabetes and high blood pressure. These medical conditions may lead to acute kidney injury if not treated timely.
  • Eat a healthy diet. Take good care of yourself. Eat a diet that is low in salt and fat. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes. Limit the use of alcohol and smoking. Inform your doctor in case you are experiencing any symptoms.
  • Taking too much medicine can also hurt your kidney. If you are taking pain-relieving medicines like ibuprofen, consult the doctor for further prescription. Taking more than the required dosage also creates a bad effect.

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