Netgear App Not Connecting to Router? Let’s Fix it For You!

Are you having trouble while connecting the Netgear Nighthawk app to your router? Have you even tried fixing the issue or this would be your first step? Oh, through this post, you are about to fix the issue for the first time, right? Yes? You are more than welcome! We won’t let you down or break your trust. In this 5-minute read, we will provide you with the instant fixes that will help you troubleshoot Netgear app not connecting to router right from the comfort of your home. Hence, keep reading!

Fix: Netgear App Not Connecting to Router

There are some topmost yet important fixes to be applied by you in order to make the Netgear app connected to your router in blink of an eye.
Please go through the fixes first and when you understood them, apply them as per your understanding or which you find easy. Scroll down!

Power Cycle Your Router

This is one of the most effective fixes. After power cycling your router, you might not need help of other fixes to troubleshoot the issue.

Here are the instructions to power cycle/ restart the router:

  • Right of the bat, turn off your WiFi router and unplug it from its respective wall socket.
  • Wait for approx 3-5 minutes.
  • Then, turn your router back on.
  • Thereafter, you need to plug the router back in again. Make sure that is power supply is steady and the wall socket is well working.

Try connecting the Netgear app again to your router to see if the power cycle process helped you or not.

On the off chance, the power cycling fix doesn’t help you anyway, then head over to the next section to apply another fix.

Connect Your Router and Client device

If you are still not able to connect the app to the router, ensure that you have connected your client device and your router.
Client device? What is that suppose to mean? Client device means the device on which you use the internet or are trying to access the Netgear app like PC, laptop, or mobile device.

And, how to connect the devices? Well, you can either make use of a wired source (Ethernet cable) or wireless source.

  • In wired source, you have to use a working cable and connect its ends firmly into the Ethernet ports of your router and the client device.
  • And, in wireless source, you have to locate the router’s SSID on your client device and connect to it using the correct WiFi password.

Still the same? Is the issue in discussion troubling you even after applying the aforementioned fixes? Yes? Then, make sure that your Netgear Nighthawk router is connected to your internet modem. But, hold on! You are supposed to reboot your modem before connecting it to your Nighthawk router. Once you are done rebooting your modem, connect it to your router using any preferred source (wired or wireless).
Once you are done, try connecting the app to the router to see if it has started working.

Check our Internet Connection

To connect the app to your router, your internet connection shouldn’t be slow. Maybe because of poor internet connectivity, you are getting issues connecting your app with the router. So, you must contact your ISP just to ensure that everything is fine from his end.
In case, your ISP kept the internet connection down for maintenance down for some time, just wait till the things become back to normal. And, as soon as the internet-related things get fixed for you, check if the issue is fixed now or not.
But, if you are using your mobile/ cellular data, just make sure your data pack is active. On the other hand, be 100 percent sure that you have enough amount of Gbps speed to access the app and connect it to your router.

Update the App

If you are still going mad because of the same issue, chances are your app is outdated. So, without wasting more time, update your app right away and try connecting it to router again.

Kindly updatethe app on regular basis and turn on notification as well! If you do so, you will take a step forward to fix Netgear Nighthawk app not working issue in future. And, this is the second issue (apart from the one in discussion) that 4 out of 5 users face after connecting the app to router.

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