Most People Commit These Mistakes While Buying an Android Smartphone | Let’s Know Those Mistakes Today

You will be keeping many precautions in your mind while buying an Android smartphone. You must have done a full effort on your behalf that I will take a good mobile phone. After taking the phone, will I have to regret it? You will also have this fear. But as far as I think, you too must have made some mistakes.

Because these mistakes are small and these mistakes are small, you will not be paying attention to them. If you take care, it is a very good thing. If you feel that you do not make any mistake then It is a very good thing. But wait! If you agree with us, today you should read this post completely. Because today we will tell you about some such mistakes that people often make when buying an android phone.

Maybe after knowing what we have told you here, you will say that hey I didn’t care about this. Maybe you come to know something that you do not know. So don’t think too much just read it completely and tell us in the comment. What new information you have got today? If you did not get any new information, then you can share any new information in the comment.

Perhaps someone can benefit from the information given by you. So let’s now know the small mistakes that people often make while buying an Android. By the way, these mistakes are small but They can harm you large. Therefore, always keep in mind the information given by us today.

Buying phone online

Wait, now do not think that I will tell you just by reading the title, do not buy the phone online. No, I am not saying that at all. Just let me give you some information so that, maybe you can get some help. See, If you want to buy a phone of 50 thousand or of 1 lakh, then you should buy offline. It is not necessary that we should buy offline. We are not forcing you at all.

But in a way, When we buy a phone online, we buy only by looking at the photos of the product and reading its features. But do not you think that If you do not get a good phone after giving the money, then you will get upset?

While buying an Android

Suppose you did not choose the COD payment method, you have made the entire payment, and then when the phone is delivered to you, there is something missing in it. Like the charger is not working, the phone has scratches or the screen is broken. So how much trouble will you have?

By the way, I know that when you buy an expensive phone, you will buy it from a trusted and reputed platform, but suppose that something like this happened to you. What will you do then? Now you will say, I will put a request for return, the delivery boy will come and take the phone and I will get my money back.

Things are very simple, all you have to do is raise the request of request and the delivery will come again. But maybe you are forgetting that this is an expensive phone. So whichever online portal you bought the phone from, they will ask you. How did this happen?

Do you have anything to prove that the phone has been delivered poorly on our behalf? Now tell me, if you have not unboxed the phone in front of Delivery Boy or have not made any video of it during the time of unboxing. Will you be able to prove it? I do not say that the company will definitely ask you. replaces the phone and gives a new one to you.

It is not compulsory/necessary that they will ask from you. It is possible that due to some mistake, the bad product has been delivered to you and later. Just let me tell you that if something like this happens, then you may have to see a lot of trouble, so you should take a little care in it. Whenever you want to buy a phone, you should try to buy it offline.

What will happen with this, you will be able to see the product completely before buying and also check whether everything is good or not. As far as, I think you will get satisfaction and you will not have to face any problems.

Passion To Buy New Launch

You must have seen that whenever a phone is launched, a few days or months later, a new phone with an updated version will be launched from the same company. For example, some companies launched “Android Mobile 2.0” and then a few months later launched “Android Mobile 2.1”.

What happens with this is that whenever a new model is launched, the user wants to forget the old model and buy the new model. If you believe that you should not make such mistakes in the matter of buying a phone. Because companies do not make big changes in the new model in comparison to the old ones. If you will compare the new model from your old model then you will not get much difference.

While buying an Android

Most of the differences are related to camera pixel, battery backup, screen size. So I do not think that for so many updates, forget the old phone and take the new model smartphone, it is right. Because right now you have not even used your old phone properly. The amount of money that you have spent in buying it, you have not even used it yet.

Then what is the use of spending money to get a new smartphone if you do not use it completely? Therefore, before buying a new mobile, you should definitely see, Is you used your old phone completely? Is your phone bad that you are going to buy a new one? Hopefully, this information will help you before buying an Android smartphone next time.

Choosing Phone

Buying a phone and using it is not enough. The use of the purchased phone entirety is fulfilling your need and that justifies the price of your phone. And all this will happen when you buy a mobile, according to your need. When you think about buying an Android, you will often think that I will take the new model. But you do not pay attention to what you think. You should pay attention to what your needs are regarding the Android mobile phone. What features do you need in mobile that will make your work easier?

While buying an Android

You should buy the phone keeping all these things in mind. After visiting the shop, do not buy just by looking at the beauty and look of the mobile. If you need a camera, then buy a mobile camera with a good camera. If you need a good processor, then you should buy a device with a high processor and having more RAM. And yes you do not have to wonder at all because often there is one thing that can make you lose. That is to control the mind. You are getting a phone for 10 thousand, which has all the things you need.

Then you got another phone which has slightly better quality than that and it is in 12 thousand. So now you will think that there is a difference of 2 thousand only. I will buy this. Suppose, you saw another good phone of 15 thousand having much better features.

Then you would think that only 3 thousand is more. If you pay attention, now you are going to spend 15 thousand from 10 thousand. You can stop yourself from doing this and, It is your advantage in that, there is no harm. If all your needs can be complete by a smartphone of 10 thousand then I do not think you should buy an android of 15 thousand. Hopefully, whatever information we told you today, will help you somewhere.

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