Find The Best Treks for Photography in Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand in north India and it is crossed by Himalyas. It is referred as Devbhumi because of its religious significance. In a total area of 53483 km Uttrakhand is covered 65% by forest and 86% Mountains. Utraakhnad is a famous tourist place and famous for its tourism business.

Uttarakhand has composed Himalayas and it has Holy Rivers and spiritual centers. If you are a traveler and you love to explore India then you should choose Uttarakhand without any second thought. Uttarakhand is a place where you would want to lose its beauty. Utrrrakhand has Nainital, Jim Corbett, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Almora, Abbott Mount, Ranikhet, Haridwar, Chamoli, Adventure sports, Quaint villages, organic products and herbs and of course a picnic spot.


If you are a nature photographer the Utrakhad could be the best spotting place. Although Uttrakhad has many places where nature photography can be done, few are just damn beautiful. There are snow capped mountains, greenery and forest which brings the best of a nature photographer. Here we will talk about the places where we can go explore picturesque


Kedarkantha trek is one of the famous trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. Kedarkantha trek is famous for its dense forest meadows. It has a Govind national park. The landscape and myriad collection of flora and mesmerizing peak which enhances its beauty

Kedarkantha is blushing with its beauty and this is a perfect trek for nature photographers to capture this. Kedarkantha trek will give you an inimitable view to nature lovers and photographers. It has a place Jadu ka talab which comes across the kedarkantha trek and this offers the scenic himalayan landscapes and it can be captured by photographers. It is believed that Lord Shiva hair’s water drop formed this lake. This lake becomes completely frozen in the winter. And This beautiful trekking is enough to get best of your photography skills 


Pin Parvati is a Trekking spot where you won’t miss the photography opportunities. This place has immense beauty for nature photographers. Pin Parvati has huge glaciers which have an eye-catching beauty. The snow changes in grey,yellow and golden colour and when the sun rays fall on them it gives a fascinating sight to capture by any photographer.If we talk about the prominence of Pin parvati then Khir ganga gives the mesmerizing view to all photography. 


Darma Valley Trek is situated in Pithoragarh district and this alluring trek is perfect for photography. This is one of the easiest treks where you can click wonderful pictures. This valley is present with lush forest waterfalls and colorful flowers. If you want the best photography then visit this place between november and April it certainly would increase the chances of seeing panda cock and himalayan snow. The hightlist of this valley is Blue sheep and ibex which is enough to cherish the unforgettable memories.


Valley of flowers is perfect for all those who love mother nature. Valley of flowers is one of those beautiful places for nature lovers and photographers.  It doesn’t matter what kind of photography you want, this place has vibrant colors and is picturesque. It has magnificent land azure sky and beautiful rivers.This valley has a popular wildlife park which is called Valley of flowers national park which safeguard the flora and fauna.  This trek is one of those short and easy treks which can be reached in 15 km of trek. Photographers can enjoy the waterfall pictures.


Rupin pass trek is one of those unexplored treks that take you through some of the most beautiful parts of uttarakhand. It has a Lofty waterfall which will guarantee you an unforgettable experience and this is perfect for photography. 

This amazing trek starts from Uttarakhand and ends in Himachal Pradesh. Rupin Pass has a stunning view of Kinnaur kailash and it can be explored by any nature lover. This trek is perfect for photographers to get the colorful view of villages that come on the way of exploring this beautiful trek spot. Rupin has moderate difficulty in trekking.


Uttarakhand is famous for its beauty and nature. It has dense forest and mountains. It has ancient temples and national parks. It gives the immense beautiful view of nature. Uttarakhand is best for Trekking, camping and  rock climbing. It has hard and easy Trekking spots which can be explored by beginners too. Uttarakhand is the perfect place for nature photographers. Whenever you visit uttarakhand you should visit those places to click dozens of pictures because it can be taken from different parts of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is best for photographers to satisfy their passion for nature photography because it has a fantastic beauty. If the Photographers would choose Uttarakhand they would save the plenty of natural beauty and most beautiful locations in their camera.

Uttarakhand has Mountains, rivers, forest , birds and animals which makes it an even more attractive place. So the Himalayas are famous for its nature and if you are prepared to explore its beauty then you need necessary packing for trekking and a perfect lens camera to bring the best of portrait and landscape photography in enjoyable ways. 

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