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Goa is known for its beaches and it is considered as the best places/tourist spot for Indians because of its nightlife, clubs and fancy drinks. It is one of the favourate tourist destinations, especially in Summers. There are so many overwhelming beaches that make Goa amazingly beautiful so there is no scarcity to visit this wonderful destination. 


Goa has amazing natural beauty and lots of green forest and white sand beaches. There are a lot of clubs, casinos and water adventures to be enjoyed by tourists.

There are some questions that come to mind: why choose Goa and what is the perfect destination to plan for a pocket- sized place. 

Goa is divided into South and North Goa and both the region is famous for its own specialties and charm. Old Goa is famous for its religious vibe and churches. If you are a party lover then north goa should be the best place to visit.

North Goa has a lot of beautiful, crowded beaches and South Goa is famous for its peace and nature. South Goa is quiet and it has a lot of churches. South Goa is clean and tidy and there are not many things happening so it is considered the best place for old aged and want to relax in a good hotel by the beach. South Goa is more relaxing than enjoying.



Palolem beach is one of the best beaches in Goa located in the South region. This beach can be the perfect summer destination in Goa. Palolem beach is a well cleaned beach as compared to other beaches in south Goa. During summer at night this beach is perfect for a peaceful walk. This beach becomes so crowded during the summer days.


Among the popular beaches in Goa Anjuna beach has a rich hippie culture. However this beach is popular amongst families and water sports lovers. At night Anjan beach becomes the best hub for nightlife. Apart from its scenic beauty, Anjuna beach is well known for its flea market.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of landscape night life parties and voguish shopping opportunities, plan for Anjuna beach and make it your best holiday experience. A large number of hotel options are available near Anjuna beach which makes your summer holiday more complete after the sunset. 


Majorda beach in Goa attracts tourist fortis ambiance. This beach is located in South Goa and it is considered as an idyllic beach. It has a blend of beauty and tranquility. The golden sand symbolized the authenticity of this beach. Majorda beach is a perfect destination for tourists in summer. At the majorda beach Water sports are available like parasailing, banana boat ride and water skiing. You would also have got the option of dolphin spotting at majorda beach.


Calangute beach is called the queen of beaches in Goa Calangute beach is one of the preferred locations in summer.  Calangute beach has its own charm and unique Goa culture. Calangute beach offers so many water sports options which makes your summer beach holiday more fun and enjoyable.

Located in North Goa, Calangute beach is a perfect getaway destination for anyone who wishes to enjoy parasailing and other water sports during summers. If you wish to enjoy the sunrise, visiting Calangute beach will be a good option to soak in the mesmerising sunrise. 


The Mandovi River begins its trip by flowing gently over Karnataka’s Deccan Plateau. Slowly, when it gets into the western Ghats, it is increasingly speeding. Finally, with an unprecedented vengeance, it descends, racks, and breaks out. These are the falls of Dudhsagar, which plummet dramatically from an unbelievable height of about 1017 feet.

It is named Dudhsagar, which means milk sea, presumably because it makes a white spray and mousse when it crashes down the waters of the downstream lake. The Dudhsagar Waterfall is separated into three streams from the near-vertical slope of the rock.

It is commonly referred to as Tambdi Surla among locals. Renowned folklore is related to Dudhsagar Waterfall. There was a well-known, modest and lovely princess. Heart, mind, and flesh were highly valuable characteristics. In the lake, which lay adjacent to the castle, the princess would bathe.

She would have a jug of milk after her bath as her assistants gathered around the lake. The jug was crafted of solid gold with glittering diamonds. Many think it was made. One day, while the princess enjoyed the regular milk, a lovely prince walked through the woods. He heard the ladies’ laughter and stopped looking.


Basilica  of bom jesus is the most ancient church in is the most visited church in old goa.During the summer beaches could be hot for few who don’t like to go out in summers can move to beautiful churches in old goa. It is considered as 400old church. Not only India, this church is one of the oldest churches in the world. 


Goa has always been a tourist spot. Goa is an adventurous spot for parasailing and scuba diving. You can enjoy clicking  pictures and can make it more enjoyable during summer in goa.

During the summer the beaches are less crowded so the beautiful churches are there in old goa. There are so many beaches in south and north goa. There are churches and so many sports options are available. Goa has a number of clubs and party sports available.

Goa is the most visited place by tourists throughout the year.

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