Do You Know The Toughest Treks in India?

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Pin Parvati Pass Trek; that has been located in Himachal Pradesh, is settled at a height of 5319 metres. You can feel and also induce in yourself the enticing nature’s voice reaching out to your soul. The whole region is covered in a maximum amount of beauty.  But the most amazing and interesting part of being at Pin Parvati Pass Trek is the lush greenery of the Parvati Valley and the barren grounds of Spiti Valley.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is a challenging and the toughest terrain for trekking for many trekkers; if you are a beginner do not try trekking at Pin Parvati Pass on a whim. The lush green and dense forests and the great valleys will thrill you in no time. Whereas, you can visit the various awesome sights at Pin Parvati Pass especially, at Mantalai where a temple of Lord Shiva is constructed and the lake there will send in you a mesmerizing feeling. You will be away from the hustle-bustle world that has engulfed you for a longer period.

Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is also known as the River Zanskar Trek or the Frozen River Trek because the Zanskar River gets covered in a sheet of ice during the winters. The Chadar Trek is located in Ladakh and it is one of the thrilling, challenging and toughest treks in India. Though it is challenging it is also a hub for international trekkers too. It is also a winter trekking zone but the temperature falls from -30°C to -35°C. Trekking at Chadar is going to fill you up with extreme joy and happiness and wonder.

But if you are looking for some adventure and survival in the wild or surviving in the mountains then Chadar Trek is the perfect destination for you. You will have to face the harshness of weather, the atmosphere might keep changing with each passing day, you might have to spend sleeping in the caves but you will be overjoyed the next moment when you find the trek to be an amusing one as well with bonfires and mirth.

The frozen waterfalls, the steep and a bit slippery mountain regions are all going to set you up with a sensation of adrenaline rush inside you. Chadar Trek is located at a height of 11123 feet with an immense amount of adventurous trekking grounds. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu Lake trek is one of the best choices for as it takes you to an ambitious height of 14,000 feet in just three days. The Bhrigu lake trek is located in Manali that starts from Gulaba and ends at Vashisht covering a distance of 29 kms. You go through pristine forests and rich meadows to reach the mystical high altitude as you go along the trail. The Bhrigu Lake is popularly known to change colours according to seasons. 

Rupin Pass Trek

Filled with wonders, it will offer you the chance to discover all the new features at Rupin Pass Trek. You will be enchanted by the glacial valleys, the meadows, the snow-capped mountains, snowy bridges and waterfalls. And the best and loving part of being in Rupin Pass is to visit the beautiful and glorious waters of the Rupin River. Everything there adds a new charm to the place in no time.

The U-shaped glacial valley is the sight to entice you with all its luring amenities and the waterfall that seems to disperse from the mountain trails gives a view of descending from the clouds. Rupin Pass Trek is known to be more of a mysterious trekking spot with hurdles on the way. It is considered to be one of the toughest treks in India though it is a fascinating one. As you climb the Pass you will be enchanted by the wonders it is going to present to you. 

Auden’s Col Trek

One of the most famous yet toughest treks in India is the Auden’s Col Trek. Located in Uttarkashi district it is filled with so many wonders but unexplored. The Auden’s Col  Trek forms a ridge in between the Gangotri III in the northwestern region of Jogin I present in the eastern zone. You will be gazing upon at the enchanting and eye enticing beauty of the Auden’s Col Trek as you pass by the vegetation present there.

The mountain ranges are situated at a height of 5490 metres and it is also such a place where most of the people are unaware of till now so it remains undiscovered for most of the time. You will come across a large number of glaciers, steep ridges, mountain paths and moraines will excite your courageous journey at the Auden’s Col Trek; the term col means smaller ridge. This trek to be spotted now, was first discovered by a British explorer; John Bucknell Auden, thus it came to be called the Auden’s Col Trek after that.

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