10 Tips To Get Stress Free For Your Job Interviews And Exams

STRESS” is a word that scares us and results in taking away our inner balance. With each passing day, more and more people are seen complaining about their stressed life and the distress this stress is causing. Extreme stress can result in anxiety attacks – a medical condition that is known as a psychological disorder. And here you need to know that it cannot be treated easily.

According to physiological research, women and men deal with stress in a different manner. Yet the common thing to address is that an excessive amount of stress can result in health issues, and it is damaging and should be prevented.

Nowadays, there are a million reasons that can cause stress, like hassles in workspaces, bad academic reputation and decreasing grades, broken mutual relationships, losing a loved one, missing an opportunity, and even being ill for a long time.

To be honest, there is no end to the list that can be a reason for stress. The point to note here is that stress is disconnecting us from cherishing moments and enjoying life. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to deal with it.

When we talk about circumstances that are seriously stressful for most of the people in the world, what comes to mind? Well, we know what it is. Of course when you have a job interview scheduled or have an exam around the corner.

Let’s explore the tips on how we can handle the stress that is caused specifically due to exams of official interviews. We have divided the tips into two categories: the first is for before the stressful situation and the second is for during the stressful situations.

5 Tips to Manage Stress – Before Interview and Exams

Most of the time we start worrying about the job interview or exam as soon as we get to know about the date. Below you will find a few tips to decrease stress:

1.  Start Preparation

If you want to feel less stressed and more confident before a job interview or an exam, it is essential to get prepared. When you are properly prepared, you feel less stressed as you know you are going to perform well. If it is an exam of some specific subject, you can study the necessary material provided by the instructor or the teacher. To keep an eye on your progress, you can utilize personal study planners as well. If it is a job interview, you can prepare for the commonly asked questions with the help of the internet or YouTube. Just look for the questions along with the answers interviewers are expecting.

2.  Listen to Some Classic Music

The fact is widespread that classical music can benefit you a lot when it comes to studying and development. When we listen to classical music during studies, our brain is expected to work at a better speed in a more productive manner. We can also listen to classical music in our stressful circumstances. This will assist our brain in relaxing, being distracted, and becoming more positive.

3.  Eat nutritious and healthy food

Our bodies and minds are both influenced by what we eat. If we eat fast food from McDonald’s just before or even a day before our exam or interview, for example, we will feel sad, grumpy, and have a heavy feeling in our stomach. Eating healthy food, on the other hand, makes us feel good and energetic, which is a ticket to a good mood and a lack of stress in our environment.

4.  Sleep Properly

The key to living a healthy life is getting adequate sleep. When it comes to upcoming tests and interviews, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. It gets us moving for the day and relieves tension when we feel fresh and full of energy. However, not getting enough sleep before a big event will leave us exhausted, unhappy, and, of course, stressed. So think about it and focus on getting some rest!

5.  Include yoga in your routine

Yoga has been popular in recent years. Yoga is practiced by people all around the world at all times. Some people even travel to India to practice yoga in the most natural setting possible. What is it about yoga that has everyone so enthralled? The solution is straightforward! Our world is filled with stress, and yoga can help you manage it efficiently.

As a result, going to a yoga class or doing yoga at home, whichever is most convenient for you, is an excellent suggestion. You will feel relaxed and full of wisdom, calmness, and positive energy after an hour of practice, completing breathing exercises and techniques. This attitude of mind and body will make your interview and exam enjoyable rather than unpleasant.

5 Tips to Manage Stress – During Interview and Exams

It’s one thing to deal with stress before an exam or a job interview. It’s quite another to fall into your mental stress trap during an important event. In such a situation, we require additional strategies for managing high levels of stress.

1.  Objects Can Be Utilized

It’s difficult to focus on anything other than your worry when you’re nervously sitting in class or in a room with your job interviewer in front of you. However, there is an intriguing option for you. Take something with you, whether it’s a pen, a watch, or anything else. And whenever you begin to feel stressed, simply focus your attention on this object by moving it, for example. By focusing your attention on your secret object, you will be able to minimize your stress.

2.  Think About Fun Circumstances

When we need to talk in front of a group, we frequently employ this strategy. Imagine that your audience, and in our instance, an examiner or interviewer, are dressed in some hilarious outfits, such as a clown suit, to ease your worries. You can envision it, and these individuals will appear less serious and deadly. After that, your stress will dissipate.

3.  Try Humor

Humor is an excellent method to bring people together. So, if you’re in the middle of a job interview, consider telling a joke to break the ice between you and your interviewer. This will help to lift your spirits and relieve stress. The same can be said for exam situations.

4.  Drink Water

Water aids in the maintenance of body balance. Take a glass of water with you to the exam so you can drink it in the classroom. It will allow you to take tiny breaks and refocus your attention on what your body requires rather than on the tension that is controlling you. Don’t be afraid to ask for a glass of water during the job interview. When taking small breaks to drink water and contemplate what to answer next, it’s a common practice that will help you a lot.

5.  Pretend to be on the other side

While going to an exam or an interview, try pretending that you are the boss there. Just swap the roles in imagination. Imagine being able to choose what questions to ask and answers to give, as well as what decisions to make. The more you persuade yourself in this game of role-changing, the more stress reduction you’ll get. read more.


Academic life and life after that for instance job life is kind of stressful. Some students redeem online help like term paper service for convenience in assignment writing and others face a tough time while dealing with the stress. As a source of help, we have incorporated all the necessary tips that can help you cope with stress before and during exams or job interviews. We wish you the best of LUCK!

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