13 Low-cost Learning Sites But the Best Quality

Online learning is the choice of many students today. Because this is where there is a huge repository of theoretical materials and exercises of many subjects at different levels of study, to support learning to become more effective. Please refer to the article below to know about low-cost but extremely high-quality learning websites.


It is a free English learning website that is trusted by many people today. The lecturers here are very well designed, not only that, but they are easy to learn without causing boredom. In particular, in addition to English, you can learn nearly 20 other languages ​​introduced on this website.

Learning at Duolingo.com is extremely simple. Besides direct access to the web, learners can also download the application to their phones, because it is supported for iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. With this application, learners can study anytime, anywhere to improve their English ability.

Take advantage of promotions, discounts, coupons for Duolingo, referral codes to upgrade your account at the most reasonable cost. Use it to improve your language skills.


This is a website suitable for those who are eager to learn English to take foreign language certification exams with a huge repository of lectures, vocabulary, and exercises. In addition to studying, it also allows you to interact with many friends around the world. Vocabla.com is currently the website trusted by students and teachers.


This student learning website provides a lot of useful information and knowledge to write essays in many different languages. Especially a reliable address for high school and university students.

A special thing about Lang-8.com is that after completing your essay and uploading it on the website, you will receive the support of a native teacher to help you edit and fix any errors. on grammar. To participate in learning at this site, you need a Gmail account, Facebook, or Twitter account.


Is a free learning website for students with thousands of courses and lessons. The knowledge offered at coursera.com is the total knowledge of all mankind. Especially, the lectures here are designed by a team of good and experienced teachers from many leading universities and colleges in the world such as Harvard University, Stanford University…


Edx.org is an online learning website co-founded by Harvard University and MIT, with the desire to create a playground for students around the world to learn and experience quality learning programs. High-quality MicroMaster. According to the assessment, more than 20 million students in countries around the world have registered for courses here.

Coming to edx.org, students and students easily find courses suitable for many different levels. Not stopping there, Edx also brings a lot of information of units with labor recruitment needs, to help students after graduation to find suitable job opportunities.


Also one of the leading online learning sites, gohighbrow.com currently has more than 250 courses with the number of students up to 2 million people. The knowledge shared here has a harmonious combination of theory and practice, to help students understand as well as not be surprised if they later work at companies or corporations.


Owning more than 100 courses with the number of students reaching more than 10 million people from many countries around the world. Alison offers a wide range of courses covering many different professions and areas, such as math, business, health, languages, economics, finance, or lifestyle. ….


Lectures and courses conducted by Yale lecturers and professors present at oyc.yale.edu are provided completely free of charge. Above all, students have many opportunities to acquire knowledge when they are not limited in access.

Lectures are designed in a variety of formats including video, text, and audiotapes. Learning is easy as no course registration is required. At oyc.yale.edu, students do not pay tuition and do not receive degrees or certificates.


Is a website that provides online courses conducted by the famous Harvard University. At Online-learning.harvard.edu, students can find free courses and paid courses.

Subjects of study are not limited, including many subjects from all countries in the world, in many different fields. In general, there are several typical fields such as business and administration, art, design, anthropology, health…


Known as an online community with thousands of classes in many fields such as design, business, or technology… At Skillshare, students will learn new skills and enhance their opportunities to connect with other people. colleagues from many countries around the world. Not only offers learning opportunities, but maybe you can find job opportunities at skillshare.com.


This student learning website is completely free, created by Google. Edu.google.com works with the desire to solve global learning problems through the internet. This website allows students to access lessons in many different fields that are suitable for their abilities and levels.


As one of the popular online learning websites with a large number of courses today. At Udemy, there are both free and paid courses written by leading experts. Students will have the opportunity to choose the most suitable course from more than 55,000 courses on a variety of topics.

You can take advantage of discount codes, coupons for Udemy, referral codes when you sign up for a learning account here, it will save you a lot of money to get amazing lessons.


If you’re looking for a website that offers programming courses, it’s codecademy.com. Here, students with a passion for programming can find a lot of courses, completely free. However, because the main language is English, it can be an obstacle for students whose English background is not good.


Above is a list of the best free and low-cost learning websites for students today. Hopefully, this will be useful information to help students find the course with the most suitable content for their learning goals.

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