Did You Know About This Microbial Efficacy For Textiles?

The past two years have been full of challenges. And we all can relate to it! The pandemic has shifted so much focus towards hygiene and safety that it has become the new normal. This focus should be learned before any regrets and mishappenings. As we enter into the new decade, we are so conscious about every surface we encounter. 

But, are we aware that our clothing is also a surface that comes into contact with numerous foreign elements, with different biological reactions. Also, this is in direct touch with us at all times. So, isn’t your clothing also a home for bacteria and fungi?  

Well, if you have got no clue about all the things mentioned above, then get ready for two things: 

Number one- this guide is for you! 

Number two- there is an iso 20743 testing method that can be your saviour. 

Now, when you have this term, it’s essential to know what it means? 

It is an antimicrobial test used to determine the level of antimicrobial activity on a textile surface. Commonly, this is found in usage in the medical industry for preparing medical clothing pieces.  

Also, many companies make sure the best quality of fabric for their clients. So, that is one other implication of the iso 20743 testing method, 

It’s not that this antibacterial testing didn’t exist before the pandemic or that antimicrobial fabric research hadn’t been developed. The fact is that the Covid 19 scenario has raised awareness of the need for safety and safeguards in the general population. 

Antimicrobial and antibacterial coatings have long been available in the market. But the scope was limited with the hospitality & healthcare industries. Antimicrobial textiles were employed in the hospital management, nursing personnel, and hospital bed linens. It’s also important since some viruses and germs may live for a long time on fabrics. In the long run, these can be harmful to both the patients and healthcare service providers. 

It’s also possible that the illness spreading germs transfer from one body to other. As a result, the healthcare industry has been familiar with such fabric for decades. 

But the situation has now shifted, and the tables have been turned. You can’t imagine how a tiny microbe could wreak widespread death and destruction. In that case, we have recent experience with the Covid situation. 

After analyzing their ability to destroy bacteria using the ISO 20743 testing method, the garment industry is ready to supply textiles. Antibacterial treatments transform the material into an extra layer of protection. Microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses are thus prevented from overgrowing and spreading by these textiles. 

In addition, the sportswear and clothing sector has a higher need for antimicrobial ISO 20743 test materials.  

People are demanding clothing with the ability to destroy microbes and germs as they become more health-conscious. Furthermore, the germs produce a foul odour to emanate from your clothing. It’s a little disgusting, and it’s also intolerant. Another application of this technique is to aid in the detection of microbiological contamination. As a result of all of this, test laboratories are being used more often across the world. 

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