Writing Problems Faced by the Writers

Ever thought of whether writers face problems when they write such amazing books we enjoy? Well, they go through difficulties to produce a thriller novel or any good book for us. It takes a lot to write a good book that can entertain the readers or educate them. How about we discuss some behind scenes of making a book? In this guest post, we’ll discuss a few major writing problems writers face when they prepare a manuscript. And we’ll also discuss how they can solve those problems.

Major writing problems Writers Face and their Solutions

1.Writing and Editing

Editing can appear as a problem. The simple solution to it is don’t write when you edit. In your writing phase, don’t even think about editing. The editing phase will come after you will complete the manuscript. Just keep writing. Also, the desire to write a book inside you should be strong enough to make you edit it. If you have no interest in what you are writing, you won’t be interested in editing it.

2. Take Research as Responsibility

Research is a responsibility. Be honest and appropriate towards your readers. Research takes time too. But the purpose is to provide value to your readers. And since you are the one who took the responsibility, devote time to research. Also, research is not limited to online research or book research only. You can do your research. But it should not be a shortcut way to not go through the hassle of reading different articles, books and making false claims in the name of your research.

3. Feeling your draft is not good enough

If you think your work is not good enough, don’t delete it. Keep it aside. And write the new ideas you get in another document in place of it. There is no problem in wanting to achieve perfectionism in your writing. The problem starts when you slow down your process because of the stress of perfectionism you take.

4. Fear of Losing Ideas

You can get ideas at any moment. Whether you are sitting at a restaurant or you are at a party or lying in bed. Whenever you get ideas, try to remember them to use them later.

Bonus Tip: Focus on your ideas, don’t focus on the fact that you have to remember those ideas. You would remember you tried to save something in your memory, but that thing might not remain in your memory.

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You can also carry a paper and pen in your pocket. Whenever you get an idea, you can write it on paper. Nowadays, we have smartphones. You can write on the notepad on your cellphone.

5. Unnecessary Fears

When you are a writer and people around you don’t take it as a profession, why do you care about it? If you have reasons to choose to write as a career, why do you worry about what they say? If they have the courage and audacity to say things to you, can’t you give them reasons that writing can be a profession? Also, when you write in flow, keep writing until you don’t have any words left. Don’t worry about the size of your document. Your editor will tell you what to cut from your volume. Don’t worry about it when you are writing.

6. Negative Feedbacks

Negative feedback is not a thing to feel depressed over. Listen with an open mind to your critics. Take what’s right. If they criticize your book about specific things, look at those things. If what they are saying is true, take the advice else, leave it. It’s that simple. You are a writer, and you provide value to your readers in terms of knowledge and information. You should be mature enough to accept criticism if you are wrong.

Also, know that you can’t make everyone happy. Even if you produce the perfect content in the world, you still would have haters.

7. Rejection by Publishers

When you submit your manuscript, you wrote by heart and mind and invested your time in it, and it gets rejected by the publisher. It can be heartbreaking. To avoid it, you need to hire a good professional editor beforehand sending your manuscript to the publishing house. Editors know the criteria of getting accepted by publishing houses. There are a few stages of editing.

The most important one is structural and developmental editing. After these two, copyediting and proofreading come. After you pass your manuscript through all these phases, it won’t get rejected by the publisher. There is also another way of publishing your book. You can self-publish your book by reaching out to any good book writing company.

8. Not Having Enough Time for Your Family

It’s a myth that writers don’t get the time to spend with their wives and children. They have little time to give to their family. Does the Police have time to give to their family? Yes. Does the Army have? Yes. Do doctors and government officials have it? And Engineers and masons? Yes! So, why writers can’t have it? If work and responsibility are the issues, no person would have time for his family. If you work in an organization, set realistic goals and expectations.

9. Tiredness

If you keep awake day and night, it will affect your health badly. You don’t want to die before finishing your manuscript, right? There is no harm in waking up the entire night a few times to complete your writing, but making it obligatory for you is wrong. How would your mind function properly when it has not rested? A tired writer can’t hype up its audience

Final Word

We have discussed some big problems a writer encounters on his journey of writing a novel or book. We also talked about how they can deal with all those problems in the most effective and easy ways. Let’s see the summary of what we learned.

  • Leave editing when you write. The editor will do the editing.
  • Research is hard but fun if you are interested in your work. And if you’re not, you’re not supposed to do it in the first place.
  • Don’t throw away your writings when you rewrite. You can keep them aside if you think they are not good.
  • keep a paper and pen in your pocket all the time so you can write ideas whenever you get them.
  • Don’t be afraid of people’s judgments when they say writing is not a suitable career.
  • Take negative feedback constructively.
  • Send your manuscript to a good professional editor before submitting it to a publisher, so it won’t get rejected.
  • There is nothing hard in spending time with your family as a writer.
  • Make sure you are getting enough sleep for your mind to function properly.

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