What exactly is a Hydraulic Intensifier? & How It Is Made

The hydraulic intensifier is a mechanical device used to increase the liquid’s weight force. It makes use of the vitality of a large amount of fluid at a low weight. Some water-powered machines require a large amount of weight to operate, which cannot be obtained using a syphon. Some of these water-powered machines include pressure-driven presses, pressure-driven smashes, and water-powered lifts, among others. These machines require a large amount of weight to complete this task.

In the middle of the syphon and the working machine is a pressure-driven intensifier. It is classified into two types: single acting and double acting. Here we will discuss the primary single acting water driven intensifier, which supplies high weight fluid amid the descending stroke. The two-stroke water-driven intensifier delivers high weight in two strokes, i.e. consistently. An ordinary intensifier can generally increase the weight force of fluid at 150-160 MN/. As previously stated, a water-powered intensifier is used to increase the force of liquid weight. Its operation is dependent on smooth motion.

How It Is Made

Depending on the application, hydraulic intensifiers are built in a variety of ways.

A stepped piston can be used to create intensifiers. This is a two-sided piston with two different diameters, each working in a different cylinder. This design is simple and compact, requiring only slightly more than twice the stroke length. It is also necessary to provide two seals, one for each piston, and to vent the area between them to eliminate any leakage that could cause the intensifier to lock up.
The concentric cylinder form is a mechanically compact and popular type of intensifier. In this design, one piston and cylinder are reversed: instead of driving a larger diameter piston, it drives a smaller moving cylinder that fits over a fixed piston.

. This design is compact and can be completed in slightly more than twice the stroke time. However, there is no piston rod to seal and the effective distance between the two pistons is short, allowing for a lighter construction without the risk of bending or jamming.


A hydraulic intensifier is used to provide high power weight anywhere it is needed.

It is used in situations where a syphon is insufficient to provide a high force of weight.

It is most commonly used in water-powered presses, water-powered smashes, water-powered cranes, and pressure-driven lifts, among other applications where a high force of weight is required to lift the heaps.

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