Why should you stay in a serviced apartment for an extended period of time?

There are times when a business traveller is stationed in a new city for months at a time. It’s critical to be as comfortable as possible during these extended stays. This is why the corporate housing industry is booming with serviced apartments. Serviced apartments in Nashik are a hybrid of hotels and house sharing, but they can be more affordable. but they can be less expensive if you find an optimal lease during your corporate housing search.

Serviced apartments can provide the same amenities as hotels, such as fitness centres, conference rooms, Wi-Fi, concierge services, and room service. However, serviced apartments operate in a specialised manner because their business models are fundamentally geared toward extended stays and long-term client relationships. Serviced apartments are not long-term hotels, but rather a home-away-from-home that is fully furnished, cleaned, and prepared between residents. A corporate housing company has a large inventory of these listings that can match your criteria for an extended stay residence.

Moreover, by providing private facilities within your apartment, serviced apartments allow you to save money. In-unit washers and dryers, as well as your own personal full kitchen, will give you more control over your time and money. They make it so you don’t have to rely on room service for food or laundry unless you want to. Living expenses can be reduced by removing room service and laundry service.

When working in a new city for months at a time, business travelers should consider their comfort. Serviced apartments give their residents more space, making it easier to entertain guests and entertain them. In addition, unlike hotels, serviced apartments provide a sense of privacy to business travelers. Simply put, a hotel does not provide the appropriate space or environment for extended stays of up to 6 months.
Hotels and house sharing websites have their own advantages, but for long-term needs, business travelers should consider serviced apartments. Browse our corporate housing listings to find a serviced apartment that is right for you!

Serviced Apartments in Nashik

Aashiyana serviced apartment suites offer residential comforts complemented with five star services.And that is exactly what we keep striving to provide for all of our guests: a HOME away from home. Started in 2015 on a concept that has proven to be slightly ahead of its time for Nashik, we are now many people’s MOST PREFERRED hospitality destination. And the reasons are simple but appealing.!! Convenient locations, immaculate cleanliness, awe-inspiring comfort, and a warm welcome…

5 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel

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