The Best Treatment For African American Hair Transplant

There are many causes of hair loss, and men are especially more victims of this problem. However, several factors such as natural aging, stress, and lack of proper nutrition can lead to severe hair fall. Despite the reasons, it could cause a cruel lack of confidence and embarrassment. However, the ultra-modern techniques of hair transplant help many folks to get their confidence back.

The technique varies from type of hair and also requires special transplantation. However, if you are an African American, then hair loss can prove big trouble. You may have a specific type of hair with curly roots that must require utmost experience. The structure of afro hairs is tricky to understand. So, the hesitation towards African American hair transplant is inevitable. 

Look at Your Ccope of Hair Transplant

Well, it is hard to define that a transplanting process could work for you or not? So, instead of living in a dilemma, it is good to find the best hair transplant surgeon in your area. If you do not have an idea, just pick your tablet and search around online. Doing an online quest enables you to find the results for top consultants.

Schedule an initial consultation and know that whether you are a good candidate for transplant or not. The doctor will thoroughly examine your condition and recommend the best advice. The primary objective for an initial consultation is to check whether you can fulfill the need for the donor’s hair and are in good health. It ensures that there are no chances of obstacles in your way to getting your personality back.

The Procedure

It is always better to ask about the procedure before scheduling the hair restoration surgery. Although a thick hair transplant is not an overwhelming task, it is imperative to know how you could undergo the procedure. However, the procedure is not much different from the standard hair transplants.

The service provider will extract the hairs from the donor site of your body and implant them in the target area. But, the thickness of roots and curly nature of African hairs may require some strategic process to deliver expected outcomes. No worries! A professional can handle it well, so you do not need to worry a lot. Simply keep trust in your surgeon and look forward to a new and improved look of your hair. Cheers!

The Techniques

As a victim of hair loss, you might be curious to know the techniques that can get your hair back. So, let’s take a look at the popular techniques that prove beneficial for you.

Follicular Unit Extraction

It is also known as FUE and is a good technique for hair transplant to African Americans. It is a less invasive procedure that assures you to have a natural thickness for the hairs. However, in order to bring the expected results, the doctor will act carefully to copy the pattern and style of the original African hairs. The technique requires local anesthesia for the extraction purpose and for insertion. During the final step, the surgeon place extracted hairs into the incision to let the hair grow naturally in the curly form and style.

Direct Hair Implant

In regard to the successful African American hair transplant, direct hair implantation is another useful technique. You can also take it as an advanced version of FUE as it is different in the incision and implant steps. The immediate implantation system in this method does not require severe incising. The hair follicles remaining outside the body will improve the chances of better hair implants. However, the technique requires explicit knowledge and skill, so a professional hair transplant team can handle it.

The Benefits

It is the most desirable portion that you probably want to read passionately in this piece of article. So, let’s move ahead.

Natural-Looking Results

The advancement in African American hair transplant technologies facilitates you with natural-looking results. However, these techniques are less invasive than traditional procedures. Getting the implant done by a skilled doctor is also an added advantage that leads to immense happiness on your face.

No Pain, No Regrets

Undoubtedly, a hair implant is painful. In the case of a thick hair transplant, it can become scarier. But don’t worry! You will get local anesthesia by an expert before the procedure that would not let you feel any pain and probably regret choosing a hair implant service. The area of your head will become numb. Thus, you will feel nothing during the procedure.

Precise Results

Using the services of a professional hair transplant expert will certainly provide you with precise results. From the extraction to the implant, the procedure will go smoothly, and you will get a natural African hair pattern.

Boost Confidence

Apparently, when you have your natural hair back, the confidence will show itself on your face.


Being a candidate for the complicated hair transplantation process, you can leave it to a specialist. The expertise, skill, and modern resources implemented by the hair surgeon can lead to the uninterrupted growth of African American hairs.

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