Why are SS rolling shutters superior than regular doors?

Doors are essential for the security and protection of any form of architecture, whether it be residential or commercial. Customers can choose from a large selection of doors these days. Only a few years ago, there would be heated discussions over whether to attach SS Rolling Shutter Manufacturers to the typical appealing doors.

In addition to concerns about safety, one must also take into account the volume and nature of the traffic, which may comprise both goods and people. This becomes a key consideration when putting the door in a commercial building. A home’s doors and a business’s doors are significantly different from one another.

The roller doors usually lost because they lacked aesthetic appeal and had an industry-standard design. Even so, it can be challenging to do so in the environment we currently live in.

The store front roller shutters serve as a security measure for the establishment in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. They have several benefits that make people choose them over traditional doors, which is why they are so popular. Its alluring qualities include the following:


SS security advantages Manufacturers of any other form of door can’t compare to those of rolling shutters in almost every way. They add an added layer of security to any industrial, warehouse, or storage location for a remarkably low price. Steel or aluminium are the primary building materials used in their construction.

They offer a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and are available in manual and motorised modes despite their small weight. The Loss Prevention Certification Board certifies doors that have been examined and confirmed to meet the specified security and fire protection criteria in accordance with routine testing and quality audits (LPCB). This suggests that if commercial establishments still require a higher level of security, they may decide to purchase LPCB-certified doors.

Two additional security requirements for the door, LPS 1175 and STS 202, make it very challenging for any undesired components to get past the entrance.


Insulation is a key feature of rolling shutter doors, which is another significant benefit. When the factory or warehouse has huge entrances or loading bays, this heat loss turns into a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

Any business may benefit financially from installing this insulation. The majority of insulated roller doors use shutter laths that are completely filled with extremely effective, lightweight insulating materials despite being light in weight. These materials not only offer effective isolation but also function as a sound barrier that blocks draughts and winds.


There are regulations in existence that mandate that a variety of businesses and commercial establishments, including hospitals and schools, have security doors that are fire-rated. In order to create secure areas around the building, these doors are crucial. When a fire starts, they prove to be important in halting its spread.

This also creates a second window of opportunity, which is essential for escaping the building and preventing further casualties. The design of these entranceways enables them to resist temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Celsius with ease.

These doors are typically linked to a security system so they can be managed from one location regardless of whether the fire originated on the inside or outside of the building. Such doors with this feature not only improve worker and customer safety, but they also provide you more peace of mind and drastically reduce your insurance costs. This is because the safety of both employees and customers is increased by such doors.

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