Break Bulk Cargo in Oman by Al Nowras Logistics

If you want to ship your break bulk cargo in Oman, there are a number of reasons why you should choose Al Nowras Logistics. Not only do they specialize in shipping and customs clearance, but they also have experience and a track record of delivering on time.

Break Bulk Cargo

For reliable and efficient break bulk shipping services in the Sultanate, you can rely on Al Nowras Logistics Solutions. This company has years of experience in the transportation of goods across the GCC and has strong relationships with major companies. Its team of logisticians is always available to answer your queries, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination on time. It also offers comprehensive customs clearance and competitive pricing.

The logistics team at Al Nowras Logistics is committed to providing superior customer service and quality service. Its 24-hour helpline is available for your queries and concerns. They offer comprehensive information on their air and sea freight services and are known for their door-to-door service. You can use their expertise in break-bulk shipping to save money on transportation costs.

Located in Muscat, Oman, Al Nowras Transport & Custom Clearance is a private company with a long-standing history in the region. Its diversified services include sea, air, and land freight, and it boasts strong relationships with leading companies. Al Nowras is dedicated to providing its clients with the best service at competitive prices.

Customs clearance

If you want to send goods to Oman and other countries in the GCC, you should use the services of Al Nowras Logistics Solutions. This logistics firm specializes in shipping and custom clearance services. It has a proven track record and a long list of loyal clients. Furthermore, it offers better customer service than the competition. Its customer support team is available around the clock to provide you with all the information you need.

Al Nowras Logistics has a vast network of partners and agents across the Sultanate. The company offers door-to-door services and a complete range of air and sea freight services. Its team provides excellent customer service and has long-standing relationships with leading companies in the Sultanate. In addition, the company offers customized plans based on each customer’s needs.

Al Nowras Logistics is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Its team is courteous and professional, and they offer round-the-clock customer support. Whether you need to ship break bulk cargo to Oman or other GCC countries, they will handle it for you. Their logistics services can handle any type of cargo. They also have dedicated account managers for every client.

Shipping solutions

When it comes to shipping break bulk cargo in Oman, you have a few options. One of these is to use an Oman-based company. These companies are highly experienced and have excellent relationships with leading companies in the region. As a result, they can deliver your shipment quickly and reliably. Plus, they offer competitive quotes and 24 hours of support.

The second option is to use a company that specializes in break bulk shipping. Al Nowras is a reputable break bulk shipping company that has been in the Sultanate for many years. This company has a strong track record of successful collaborations with leading companies in the Sultanate. They have a dedicated team of account managers that provide exemplary customer service. Additionally, they provide competitive pricing and customs clearance for their clients.

Break bulk cargo is cargo that is not able to fit in a standard shipping container. It is typically packaged and loaded separately at each transfer point. Consequently, break bulk shipping is often an excellent option for shipping complex goods.


Al Nowras Logistics is an Oman-based company specializing in the shipping and customs clearance of goods within and between GCC countries. With over thirteen years of experience, they have built relationships with major companies and provide 24-hour customer support to ensure your break bulk cargo reaches its destination safely and quickly. Their knowledgeable and professional staff will help you with every step of the shipping process, from customs clearance to warehousing.

As a privately-owned company, Al Nowras Logistics prides itself on providing exceptional customer service. Their dedicated account managers and professional drivers provide 24 hour assistance and are available to answer your questions. If you’re planning to ship break bulk cargo to Oman, contact Al Nowras Logistics today.

Al Nowras Logistics operates a modern, well-equipped terminal that is designed to handle break bulk cargo. The terminal has three docks: a floating dock, two 520 m quay, and a pier. These facilities are designed to accommodate and maintain up to 100,000-tonne tankers.

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